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I Wander & Roam

Travel & lifestyle blog by a Brit living in Amsterdam. Explorer, part-time blogger and full-time web editor

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My Random Amsterdam

A lifestyle blog of an expat's journey through the fun, random and always surprising city of Amsterdam.


My Blog is for Expat Women who try to get settled in their new home. Getting tipps where to go and finding exclusive locations above the average. It`s about everything you might need in the first half year, like: hair-dresser, restaurants, medical care, laundries... At the moment, I am blogging about Amsterdam. Upcoming cities will be Düsseldorf and...

Citywordhunt - hunting for Dutch words in Amsterdam

Citywordhunt is a language blog with a cultural twist. It is about falling in love with Amsterdam while learning the Dutch language. Via city photos the blog blends vocabulary, culture and the everyday life of the people living here. It is the fun way of learning Dutch - by hunting for dutch words in Amsterdam. Follow on Facebook:

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Mermaid On A Bicycle

California native turned expat and European explorer living in Amsterdam with my fiancé. Mermaid on a Bicycle is a blog about adaptation and chronicles the abandon of sunshine and blue skies for the experience of the gray unknown. Join in my (sometimes clumsy) discovery of everything Europe has to offer, share in my passion for organic and sustainable products, and hold me in your heart while I fall into the inevitable lessons in love and courage.

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Design and advertising consultancy

My work related blog, mostly about projects and recent work completed for clients both in The Netherlands and abroad.

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Amsterdam Blog

A look at Amsterdam through British eyes. Handy tips, hints and more on things to do, culture, expat life, and more.

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Amsterdam day by day

Amsterdam, a photo a day

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Surinder Singh - our way through the Netherlands

husband and I have been together for over four years and married for over one. We lived together in Brazil, where I?m from, for two and a half years and decided to move to Europe in early 2014. Our primary destination would have been England, as my husband is British, however the current immigration laws stop us from going straight there from Brazil. After researching and reviewing our options a lot, we decided to take the Surinder Singh route. This blog is our diary.

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John The Sketch

Here's the fun! Every day a new joke of the anecdotes, first impressions and clichés of the Expat life in Amsterdam. Ready for a laugh?

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A7omic Airspace

A humorous young adult fresh into the fray with an eye for adventure! Join me on my quest to graduate dog trainers school, move to the Netherlands, train with the KNPV, and become a certified passport stamped globetrotter.

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Yann Graf - Digital Project Manager

Hi, I%u2019m a 31 year old guy with a degree in multimedia design from the Eracom in Switzerland. After graduating, I spent a year working as a freelance webmaster. Then I went to Brazil for 7 months to teach silk screen printing for Swiss NGO Nordesta. Amazing experience!

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The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man

Blog about the life of a spoiled Expat in Amsterdam. With humorous observations on life in the Dam.

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13 Secret Sauce

Its all about innovation - World's best recipes with a twist

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Monst3r Blog

My Daily reflections on Love, Life and Money. Oh and how to live the Dutch way. Lots of content and only fun to be had. Follow along to see if I make my dream come true and can stay in the Netherlands.....

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If you are looking to find out how people really live in Amsterdam, then you are in the right place! Through Amsterdamming, you may follow me on my move to this beautiful city and get an idea of what it feels like to be living in this part of the world!

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On The Same Page

Perpetual expat... I love the rain! Can you believe it!? Blogging across the pond together with my best friend from the US. We believe in looking to other cultures for tips on living more fabulously!

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Abroad like Kristen

Just a lady, overseas, living life.

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A Hippie in Holland

This blog follows the journey of a Canadian expat in Holland. I'm well-adjusted, know the language well, but I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing here. Probably more to say, but it's better if you see it for yourself.

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July’s blog of the month: The Fashion Matters

Hadas first left her home country, Israel, to study fashion business in New York. Ever since, she has visited more than 25 countries and has lived as an expat in France and England where she pursued a Master’s degree and is currently planning to get married. Hadas is a genuinely creative person, whose passion for exploring the world and fashion is evident in her three-year-old blog The Fashion Matters  — an endless source of inspiration for stylish travellers.