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Living the Dream

Experiences of emigrating from the UK to Italy, plus hints and tips I've picked up along the way

Americans in Umbria

Our experiences retiring to a small town in Umbria,

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Summer Elegant Italian Parmigiana: AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA This is actually one of my favorite summer dishes, meant to be served at room temp, and with a cold crisp glass of white wine (ours was Verdicchio from Le Marche, a perfect match!).

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My Village in Umbria

Life, love, adventures and misadventures with the people and places of my adopted Italian homeland.

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il bel centro

A chronicling of the creation and pursuit of a dream—of living in the beautiful center with a husband, 3 children, and 2 cats. In the center there is love, language, joy, cooking, experience, humor, and pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.

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Day to day like on an Italian olive grove

The life of an English couple, Adrian and Rachel in Italy and the work they do on their olive grove together with their interaction in the local community.

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Rebecca's Ruminations

In 2003 Rebecca began writing a series of essays for the Slow Travel website, documenting her experiences as a transplanted American city girl to the Umbrian countryside. Her musings are reproduced here.

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Life lessons from Italy...

Living in Italy taught us more than the beauty of Tuscany / Umbria, Italian culture, Italian cooking... enjoy life lessons through our stories and pictures.

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A Tuscan View - from Umbria

An optimistic blog about our move to Italy, renovating a house and starting a painting holidays business - art, food and angle grinding.

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Vita Sogno

I stumbled upon a great blog recently called Vita da Sogno -- it chronicles the adventures of an Italian-American woman, Darla, as she explores and makes her way through Italy. Full of videos, pictures and excellent descriptions of her encounters and travels. I highly recommend visiting her blog. Darla is an excellent writer and captures the essence of Italy not only with her digital photos and videos, but with her well thought out prose and fluid writing style.

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Art and Barb Live(d) in Italy!

Our blog chronicles our move from Louisville Ky to small town Umbria. Along the way we've made mistakes, surprising discoveries and many friends. We write about our journey, the amazing food and much more.

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This month's expat blog: Tales From The Right Brain

Meet this month's blogger, Anja, and indulge into expat life in France through her stylish lifestyle and travel blog Tales From The Right Brain.  After meeting her love in Paris, Anja decided to leave her successful career as an auditor and moved to Paris where she is now restarting her professional life with new influences and ideas in mind. If you are looking for some inspiration and tips on how to live life to the fullest, follow Anja's weekly blog posts. 

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