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An in-depth look at a variety of aspects of life in Rome and Italy in general that uses humor as well as my 40 years of Italian expertise both to amuse and inform.

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My Home Sweet Rome

After 40 years in the Eternal City as a journalist and writer, I have seen it all. In this blog, I tell you what's going on in Rome and in Italy in general, explain the intricacies of Italian life, often by recounting the details of my daily comings and goings.

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Truly, Madly, Italy

By addressing such matters as 'Why is the grocery store closed at lunchtime?' and 'Why are Italian drivers so ANGRY all the time?' 'Truly, Madly, Italy' tries to elucidate the often-complex and contradictory reality of Italian life, for would-be expats, and anyone with an interest in Italy. It's also a go-to blog for Italian-learning content and advice. We're a very long way from Under the Tuscan Sun but if you are interested in the language, the food, the characters, the social norms and daily challenges of expat life - you're in the right place!

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An Unofficial Guide to Rome

Tips and tricks for surviving the Eternal(y dirty) City, and tales of my misadventures living here off and on since 2009.

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Pretty Thing & Co.

Bilingual English/Italian blog of an American expat, her husband and their daughter. The blog is written with a focus on vintage finds in Rome's markets, shopping in Rome, and settling into small space living ala Dolce Vita.

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I love to blog about life in Roma, my running & fitness and food.

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My Napoleon Complex

Hi, I'm Beatriz. I lived in Miami, FL all my life until I moved to Dayton, OH for love and school. Now, I'm recently graduated and married to my wonderful husband, Jaime, and we moved our little family of three (with our husky Arya) to Rome! Follow me as I write about our travels, adventures, and Arya!

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a soccer mom moves to rome

i was a stereotypical small-town american mom. i volunteered in my son's classroom and grew my own vegetables. i planned class parties and made my own jam. and now i am a stereotypical small-town american mom who lives in italy.

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Neuro Europe

I conduct neuroimaging research ( I take pictures of your brain) at the Fondazione Santa Lucia and I travel around Roma and the rest of Europe.

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Ramblings and musings of a girl from Texas, lost in the Eternal City.

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First Paris Then Rome

I am neither French nor Italian, just a Canadian who showed up in Paris in 2002, got a job at a law firm and moved in with the Love of My Life (the Frenchman). In 2004, our daughter (the Bambina) entered the world and in 2006, the Frenchman's employer gave him marching orders to move to Rome. So here I am living like a French expatriate in Italy. Welcome to the life of a Canadian gone European.

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Adventures In Painting

An American realist painters' adventures in Rome. I take my easel with me everywhere while roaming the streets and getting to know the city.

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The Italian Job - my life in rome

The reason for this blog, simply to tell people, how everyday life is like in italy, rome. Moved here from Hull, UK, october 10, by a mass roadtrip across europe, me, my dog and the wife, in search of happiness in Italy.

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The Italian Job

An Australian gal finishes her PhD and moves to Rome to take up a job as a university professor, teaching organization studies. To Italians. Madness ensues.

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An American in Rome

The red tape and the pleasure of living in Italy.

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Cousines in Rome

Chronicles the often hilarious adventures of two American 20-something cousins as they adjust to their new lives in Rome.

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kat in giro

My blog about living in Rome, travelling around the rest of Italy, Spain, and Europe, and my interests: art, literature, film... a little bit of everything basically.

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A coffee bean in Rome

A blog about the coffee I love and the bars me and my friends frequents where a bar or two, or three can be found on almost every corner.

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April's expat blog: Adventures With Pete

We are happy to announce our April’s Blog of The Month, Adventures With Pete by Eve Brickner, a twenty-something American expat in New Zealand. In 2013, Eve met her fiancé, and ever since they have been together on a journey of adventures. However, the biggest of all is living in New Zealand, and Eve blogs about the ups and downs, and the lessons learned throughout.