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Rachel In Ireland

An eclectic expat blog about travel, food, creativity and life in Ireland.

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An American Girl in Dublin

Describes the daily life of an American girl who recently moved to Dublin and her trials and tribulations of fitting in.

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I Married An Irish Farmer

This blog was created by American girl, Imen McDonnell, whom after years of working and travelling around the world in the creative world of advertising, film & tv production, married a gorgeous Irish farmer and moved to Ireland where she embarked on a whole new life in the Irish countryside. I Married an Irish Farmer shares my experiences along with my favourite Irish treasures with an audience of individuals living in, and, loving Ireland from abroad.

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The Journey of One, From America to Ireland

Ramblings of my journey from North Carolina to Ireland. The trials and tribulations of finding a job, selling my home and making the big move.

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The Purling Cat

A knitting, crochet and family blog from a Polish girl who moved from Warsaw, Poland and is living now in Dublin, Ireland with her Irish husband, 3 small kids, 2 cats and a whole lot of yarn. Expect a Central European take on Ireland, crafting, family life and English language.

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Nearly Irish ?

After 11 years in Ireland, I don't really feel French anymore but not entirely Irish either... This blog is a wonderful mess of thoughts and ideas about what it's like to be French in Ireland

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Missing Galway

Life in the west coast of Ireland through the eyes of a 20-something music teacher from the Finnish Lapland

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That Time I Moved to Ireland

Travel addict and chocoholic. American living in Dublin Ireland. Suffering from a lack of Taco Bell and Target.

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French Foodie in Dublin

A blog about my food experiences in Dublin and during my travels.

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Both Sides of the Atlantic

From Upstate NY to Cork, Irleand.

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The New Dubliner

A chronicle of my life since I moved from Los Angeles to Dublin two years ago.

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An American Family Adventure in Dublin, Ireland

A blog about my family's (myself, husband, and 1 year old baby) move to Ireland and our adventures living in Ireland and travel in Europe. We will be living and working in Dublin for 2-3 years.

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The Narcissistic Expat Diaries: From Iowa to Ireland

A blog of a young couple packing up a suburban Iowa home and moving to and enjoying life in Dublin, Ireland. Here we document our travels, hobbies, and observations.

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Herding Cats

An American living in Dublin, mom of four, wife to one. A writer, music-lover, housework avoider, and special needs advocate.

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katie@do it. write it. share it.

Blog about a recently engaged American women moving to Ireland for her fiance's new job. Hilarity and photos ensue.

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The Strayling

From UK to Canada to Ireland - a Finnish serial migrant hopping from one adventure to another. The blog follows my spontaneous travels across the globe as the writer stumbles upon the unpredictable reality of moving to a new country. Speaking 6 languages already and hoping to fold a few more into my linguistic quiver, life is never going to be boring with a strayling.

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I left Canada in 2010 with no other plan other than jumping head first into the rabbit hole to see what interesting adventures would come my way. After selling my house and the majority of my belongings, I packed the rest of my things into a suitcase and made my way to the other side of the world - New Zealand to be exact. After spending a year and a half exploring Oceania, it turned out that New Zealand just wasn’t enough and I made the decision to keep going to see what kind of crazy I attract this time around. My new country is Ireland. Why Ireland? Let’s just say that it was always in the cards…well according to my friends anyway. No regrets…no surprises - just a whole lot of mystery of what will happen during this next chapter of my life.

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Out of Oz

A girl from Kansas marries a boy from the Emerald Isle. Now we're living in Oz where we're learning what home really means.

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A Mexican Cook in Ireland

I'm crazy about food, so I started blogging about Mexican Food from my Dublin Kitchen, the blog started as a way to share recipes with friends and it ended up becoming the space where I share my experiences living in Ireland as a Mexican cook: recipes and a bit of life.

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The Dublimat

Diplomatic Immigrant in Dublin. Hence the name Dublimat. It's supposedly a combination of words Diplomat and Dublin.

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This month's expat blog: Travel Gourmande

After spending 12 rewarding years in Dubai, Arni and her family decided to move back to the Philippines and "set up their nest". Today, and after a decade of a hectic career-oriented lifestyle in the Middle East, Arni and her French husband run their business in the Philippino countryside. With every opportunity, Arni steals some time for blogging — what started as a journal filled with travel and culinary tips, expanded to be the record of an eventful life journey. Are you ready to join Arni in her adventures and get inspired?

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