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Nearly Irish ?

After 11 years in Ireland, I don't really feel French anymore but not entirely Irish either... This blog is a wonderful mess of thoughts and ideas about what it's like to be French in Ireland

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The Strayling

From UK to Canada to Ireland - a Finnish serial migrant hopping from one adventure to another. The blog follows my spontaneous travels across the globe as the writer stumbles upon the unpredictable reality of moving to a new country. Speaking 6 languages already and hoping to fold a few more into my linguistic quiver, life is never going to be boring with a strayling.

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The Narcissistic Expat Diaries: From Iowa to Ireland

A blog of a young couple packing up a suburban Iowa home and moving to and enjoying life in Dublin, Ireland. Here we document our travels, hobbies, and observations.

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A Mexican Cook in Ireland

I'm crazy about food, so I started blogging about Mexican Food from my Dublin Kitchen, the blog started as a way to share recipes with friends and it ended up becoming the space where I share my experiences living in Ireland as a Mexican cook: recipes and a bit of life.

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The Purling Cat

A knitting, crochet and family blog from a Polish girl who moved from Warsaw, Poland and is living now in Dublin, Ireland with her Irish husband, 3 small kids, 2 cats and a whole lot of yarn. Expect a Central European take on Ireland, crafting, family life and English language.

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From Coast A Costa

A young couple's journey of moving to Europe from the United States and their motivation and desire to live a new lifestyle.

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SARA SEES | Wanderings and Whatnot

I'm a Louisiana native currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I'm a firm believer in the power of exploring the world and all the beautiful things in it (and doing it affordably!). Sara Sees chronicles my love for traveling, festivals, and music.

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Cork Expats Families

This is blog is intented for helping families that are settled up in Cork and/or are thinking about moving here. Moving abroad is a big step and moving with a family is an even bigger one. Since there are many things to be sorted such as accomodation for the family, good neighboorhods, schools, health system, administrative paper work PPSN for the entire family, child benefit, kids and family activities, introducing kids into a billingual world and many other? a great place for sharing as well as asking and getting answers from those who have been in a similar situation and have the experience. The idea of the blog is share the experiences of familes in many different topics related with the day to day family life in Cork.There are several friends from different countries posting in that blog. Hope you find it useful. Enjoy!

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The New Dubliner

A chronicle of my life since I moved from Los Angeles to Dublin two years ago.

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That Time I Moved to Ireland

Travel addict and chocoholic. American living in Dublin Ireland. Suffering from a lack of Taco Bell and Target.

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Lady Mac Lifestyle

A blog all about expat life, well-being, baking, psychology, photography, lifestyle, Ireland and more

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Magnumlady's Blog

Just my rantings and ravings about life in general.

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Karen Huber

lazy writer. expat mom. loads of baggage.

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French Foodie in Dublin

A blog about my food experiences in Dublin and during my travels.

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Guinness with Guaraná

Guiness is a typical beer from Ireland and Guaraná is a typical soft drink from Brazil.Both are my favorite drinks, so Brazil and Ireland are my favorite places and why not talk about this incredible mix?

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40 Shades of Life

Relocating to Ireland in 2008, I am an American expat in the land of 1,000 welcomes and 40 shades of green. From taking on the narrow laneways of the countryside to learning how to knit in a city pub, I write about life in Cork City. My posts tend to focus on food and Cork happenings with positivity and sincerity. Content can be enjoyed by all ages.

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I Married An Irish Farmer

This blog was created by American girl, Imen McDonnell, whom after years of working and travelling around the world in the creative world of advertising, film & tv production, married a gorgeous Irish farmer and moved to Ireland where she embarked on a whole new life in the Irish countryside. I Married an Irish Farmer shares my experiences along with my favourite Irish treasures with an audience of individuals living in, and, loving Ireland from abroad.

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A place to call my own

This is my own personal diary where I'm writing about my likes and dislikes, all these small things that make my days.

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Both Sides of the Atlantic

From Upstate NY to Cork, Irleand.

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We, Personas

Blog about my experiences reinventing myself since I have moved from Brazil to Ireland in 2010

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Our expat blog of the month: Jill's Journey

It's been nearly twenty years since Jill first moved to Mexico for a study abroad semester. There, she met the love of her life which brought about the irresistible desire to come back and settle in Mexico. Jill talks about her journey and her everyday life as an expat on her blog. If you have always wondered what life in Mexico is all about, here we go!

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