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Cork Expats Families

This is blog is intented for helping families that are settled up in Cork and/or are thinking about moving here. Moving abroad is a big step and moving with a family is an even bigger one. Since there are many things to be sorted such as accomodation for the family, good neighboorhods, schools, health system, administrative paper work PPSN for the entire family, child benefit, kids and family activities, introducing kids into a billingual world and many other? a great place for sharing as well as asking and getting answers from those who have been in a similar situation and have the experience. The idea of the blog is share the experiences of familes in many different topics related with the day to day family life in Cork.There are several friends from different countries posting in that blog. Hope you find it useful. Enjoy!

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The Narcissistic Expat Diaries: From Iowa to Ireland

A blog of a young couple packing up a suburban Iowa home and moving to and enjoying life in Dublin, Ireland. Here we document our travels, hobbies, and observations.

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Both Sides of the Atlantic

From Upstate NY to Cork, Irleand.

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The Dublin Diaries

A fun and thoughtful guide to: what to do and see in Dublin, traveling, music and my thoughts. Enjoy!

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A Mexican Cook in Ireland

I'm crazy about food, so I started blogging about Mexican Food from my Dublin Kitchen, the blog started as a way to share recipes with friends and it ended up becoming the space where I share my experiences living in Ireland as a Mexican cook: recipes and a bit of life.

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katie@do it. write it. share it.

Blog about a recently engaged American women moving to Ireland for her fiance's new job. Hilarity and photos ensue.

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Guinness with Guaraná

Guiness is a typical beer from Ireland and Guaraná is a typical soft drink from Brazil.Both are my favorite drinks, so Brazil and Ireland are my favorite places and why not talk about this incredible mix?

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Out of Oz

A girl from Kansas marries a boy from the Emerald Isle. Now we're living in Oz where we're learning what home really means.

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Rachel In Ireland

An eclectic expat blog about travel, food, creativity and life in Ireland.

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Missing Galway

Life in the west coast of Ireland through the eyes of a 20-something music teacher from the Finnish Lapland

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French Foodie in Dublin

A blog about my food experiences in Dublin and during my travels.

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An American Family Adventure in Dublin, Ireland

A blog about my family's (myself, husband, and 1 year old baby) move to Ireland and our adventures living in Ireland and travel in Europe. We will be living and working in Dublin for 2-3 years.

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I left Canada in 2010 with no other plan other than jumping head first into the rabbit hole to see what interesting adventures would come my way. After selling my house and the majority of my belongings, I packed the rest of my things into a suitcase and made my way to the other side of the world - New Zealand to be exact. After spending a year and a half exploring Oceania, it turned out that New Zealand just wasn’t enough and I made the decision to keep going to see what kind of crazy I attract this time around. My new country is Ireland. Why Ireland? Let’s just say that it was always in the cards…well according to my friends anyway. No regrets…no surprises - just a whole lot of mystery of what will happen during this next chapter of my life.

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The Dublimat

Diplomatic Immigrant in Dublin. Hence the name Dublimat. It's supposedly a combination of words Diplomat and Dublin.

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Herding Cats

An American living in Dublin, mom of four, wife to one. A writer, music-lover, housework avoider, and special needs advocate.

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Family Hiatus

A suburban American family moves to a biodynamic farm in Ireland for a year to live and work alongside people with special needs. Travel information includes Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Aga Nuno Somewhere

After spending 2 great years in Barcelona (before that 10 months in Bucharest, before that starting a Polish-Portuguese relationship in Warsaw), we moved to Ireland. Follow my blog to find out more! (Blog is in Polish and English version)

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Experience Ireland

Photos from Austria and Ireland, general posts, little stories and my opinion about the Irish government, the President and Health Care. Most posts are available in English and German.

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Ireland Blog

My adventures in Ireland.

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April's expat blog: Adventures With Pete

We are happy to announce our April’s Blog of The Month, Adventures With Pete by Eve Brickner, a twenty-something American expat in New Zealand. In 2013, Eve met her fiancé, and ever since they have been together on a journey of adventures. However, the biggest of all is living in New Zealand, and Eve blogs about the ups and downs, and the lessons learned throughout.

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