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Curious Provence is about local markets, food, festivals and things to do in Provence as well as about living abroad as an anglophone trying to fit into the Provencal lifestyle. Join me on my adventures!

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Ma Vie en France

This blog chronicles my journey from the US to France. From a bartender to an au pair. It isn't genre-specific, but you can find many answers to your questions here--whether you are moving abroad for the first time or if you're visiting the Provençal area. I lived, worked, and studied in the Aix-en-Provence area from September 2012 until July 2013. I au-paired for a local family and lived with them. The kids I watched were 3, 11 (triplets), 13, and 14. I love my host family and am lucky to be close to them. We are still deeply connected though I have moved back to the states. There are also posts about my travels in France and the surrounding areas. Please message me if you have any immediate questions. I'm here to help!

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Halt, Salute and...

I've spent years being the devoted Pony Mum, driving daughters and equines all over Ireland and being a helper and organiser at horsey events of all types. Now the daughters are grown up, but instead of suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome, I'm just landed in Provence to embark on a new adventure with my horses, dogs and Long Suffering Husband. Join me as I creak and groan my way across two countries, into my sixth decade and beyond!

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A Texas girl moves with Hubby and 2 girls to Aix en Provence, France

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Madame Boisvert

My experiences living in Provence during my sabbatical in spring 2009.

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Casually Provence

General reflections on living in southern France

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Provence Post

An English-language blog for those who live in or just love Provence, filled with all sorts of info on restaurants, travel, touring, wine, cool people and fun things to do).

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ramblings of a bare-faced gardener

Gardening, foraging, cooking, crafting and living in Provence

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Life at La Bastiole:  An American Family in Provence

Two years ago, I quit my job as a museum curator in Washington, DC, and moved with my family to a village in Provence. My husband works for the local office of a large American company; my twin daughters go to a French school. I hike and cook and garden and entertain visitors and walk the dogs and write about what it's like to be an American woman living in France right now.

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Life with a Seaview

A blog about life abroad with all its joys and sorrows, about my thoughts on everything and nothing.

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Provence Blog

Provence Blog offers a unique blend of news from the Provence-Côte d'Azur region, in addition to carefully hand picked links to web sites of interest to anyone visiting this idyllic area.

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