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Living and working abroad

On Expatforever expatriates discover international and multi-lingual quality providers who help them set up a new life after moving to Paris or preparing a relocation to Paris.

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Fashion Travel Accessories

Fashion Travel Accessories is a Lifestyle Fashion Travel blog / website that offers products, guides and tips related to Fashion, Clothing, Shoes, Beauty, Decor, Lifestyle, What To Wear, Packing, Paris, Europe and Travel and encourages people to live an adventurous life everyday and in every way.

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Roisin Grace

A blog documenting the life of an English girl currently living in the beautiful city of Paris - all things travel, culture and life related!

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Say "Oui" to Paris

Say "Oui" to Paris is a blog for those who live in Paris, enjoy visiting Paris, or just hold a special place in their heart for Paris.

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i prefer paris

I Prefer Paris is about an Ex-New Yorkers daily view of living in Paris. It includes restaurant reviews, celebrity interviews, Paris fashion and more.

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Putting her flare on in the City of Lights.

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Sous les toits

Paris tips and amusing expat anecdotes as I explore the good , the bad and the je ne sais quoi of Parisian life.

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Life in Paris

The City of Paris blog features the adventures and tribulations of an Englishman who has recently given up life in a little working class town bordering the Saddleworth Hills, and come to France. You can read about the ongoing experiences of how he tries to get to grips with the language, culture and people, along with observations of daily living in Paris.

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entropy cottage

a little corner of woman's life

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In which a young lady from a good family and of limited means embarks abroad from Australia to la belle France for a new life of adventure, croissants and the opportunity to be irritated by an entirely different set of people

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40 Days in Paris

A journalist deciphers Paris one report at a time. Expats, tourists, residents and students will all find useful and entertaining information at "40 Days in Paris"

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Expat in France

Stories of the lives of a US expat family in Paris, France.

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Day of the Dead, What is it? Scary Boo?

One of the most beautiful traditions in Mexico, full of colors, aromas, flowers, food, music, but what is it exactly?

Jenny Beaumont

Jenny Beaumont is a freelance web producer & consultant currently based in Paris, France, where she also dabbles at various forms of non-fiction writing. This is her blog.

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Susu's world

I came to Paris out of curiosity. This city offers me plenty of occasions to encounter things that tickle my imagination - arts, fashion and a vivid social life. My blog is about living in France in all its charming complexity.

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Twentysomething New Yorker moves to Paris, works as journalist, attempts to do 2 PhDs at once, has affairs with noncommittal French boys.

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Secrets of Paris

An insider's guide to the City of Light with travelers' resources, dining and accommodation reviews, nightlife and events calendar, and plenty of tips on living in Paris.

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This month's expat blog: Travel Gourmande

After spending 12 rewarding years in Dubai, Arni and her family decided to move back to the Philippines and "set up their nest". Today, and after a decade of a hectic career-oriented lifestyle in the Middle East, Arni and her French husband run their business in the Philippino countryside. With every opportunity, Arni steals some time for blogging — what started as a journal filled with travel and culinary tips, expanded to be the record of an eventful life journey. Are you ready to join Arni in her adventures and get inspired?

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