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Lize in Paris

My truthful tales from Life in the Frog Lane

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Making my way through the streets of Paris

The blog of a "photographer wannabe"... my new life in Paris {next to my french boyfriend recently turned fiancé} and my dreams to work in the Fashion Industry

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Lardon My French

This is my journal of my life in Paris. Good, bad, boring, exciting... these are my recipes, photos, and babblings to share with anyone that wants to join me on my journey.

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Gigs in Paris

An expat guide to the Parisian live music scene

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Finding the Flow in France: Yoga and Terroir

What happens when a California yoga teacher with a very cool dog, a background in sustainable development and agriculture - and French tradition merge? A little bit of je ne sais quoi and a whole lot of amour.

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I am a New York-based writer and screenwriter now living as a Parisienne expat. I moved, in a recent whirlwind, to continue my movie-making adventures, and for so many other reasons. These are my adventures, my missteps, my successes and my observations, as I try to blend into a new life. My sweet puppy, Moxie, has also joined me.

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Omyword! Did I Say That?

Confessions and observations of an American girl in Paris.

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Flip-Flop France

Sasha, 23 years old, moved 12 hours by flight to Lyon. She will detail her life in France, the joys, the tears all while making to goal to see if she can find the balance between her own personality and the French culture. Advice will also be offered to new expats or people interested in visiting Lyon. I am now officially moved to Paris, so I will continue to write and give advice to all expatriates!

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Man-shopping in Paris

I am an American woman living in Paris, and I have recently decided to venture into online dating. I just registered on a brilliant website called "adopteunmec" where the women are the shoppers and where the men are simply merchandise. It is truly the ultimate online man-shopping experience. Then I realized that this is the ultimate opportunity to practice dating on the heaps of parisian men that I will have at my disposal. Clearly, hilarity shall ensue. So the blog is to document this social experiment and to share my experiences with all you anglophone ladies who are as baffled as I am by the parisian dating scene.

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Paris Daily Porn

A daily photo from a freelance travel and food writer who's been loving Paris for five years.

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Meg Zimbeck

I'm a freelance travel and food writer, and this blog is my space for all the things that don't make it into print. I maintain a calendar of Paris events here that might be of interest to anyone traveling to the City of Light.

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Exquisite Abundance

Shimmering Moments of Art, Food and Life in France

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Secrets of Paris

An insider's guide to the City of Light with travelers' resources, dining and accommodation reviews, nightlife and events calendar, and plenty of tips on living in Paris.

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L'Étrangère Americaine

An American 30 something packs up her bags and moves to France. Join me on my misadventures as I struggle to understand a foreign culture, take on a new job, learn a new language and learn more about myself in the process.

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An American at Home in Paris

See French life from an American perspective.

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I wonder as I wander

The rambling prose of a Canadian expat in Pars...

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The Harris Chronicles

Randy, Gina and Delaney move from Bellevue, Washington in the Pacific Northwest to Paris, France. Follow them as they embark on this adventure.

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Diary of Why

From Boston to Paris, a twenty-something navigates life in a new country.

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Mareike in France

I’m a 26 year old German girl currently living in France (next to Paris). This blog contains mainly photos of excursions and trips in or outside of France and from time to time some stories.

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July’s blog of the month: The Fashion Matters

Hadas first left her home country, Israel, to study fashion business in New York. Ever since, she has visited more than 25 countries and has lived as an expat in France and England where she pursued a Master’s degree and is currently planning to get married. Hadas is a genuinely creative person, whose passion for exploring the world and fashion is evident in her three-year-old blog The Fashion Matters  — an endless source of inspiration for stylish travellers.

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