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La Vie En C-Rose

I write about travel and expat life in France. I write about my 3+ years of teaching English in Paris and Lyon, battling French bureaucracy, and traveling around France and Europe.

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Patricia B in France

Hi! I'm Patricia. I'm an American expat who likes to write and film about my embarrassing cultural mishaps, finding my way around a French beauty counter, and day-to-day life as a Madame.

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Lost in Lyon

Lost in Lyon is the attempt of one English woman to navigate the many small cultural differences she experiences between the UK and France.

Un Américain Living In Lyon

A real look at the life of an expat. A blog that presents the ups and downs of uprooting your life to France. The blog celebrates France, discusses the hardships in France, and hopefully helps a few people along the way learn about France and living here. Always keeping it real.

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Faking it in France

Faking it in France is all about my experience as a British expat living in the beautiful city of Lyon. I share my ups and downs, give advice to fellow expats on different aspects of living in France, and share what to see in and around the Lyon area!

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The Mindful Expat

International adventure, inner journey...

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Lyon Living

Life, family, and ministry in Lyon: a 40-something's journey to Lyon with her husband and 2 daughters.

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My adventures in Lyon, things I love, things I don't love and some things in between.

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Pardon My French

I found my way from Miami, Florida to Lyon, France in September 2011 newly married to my French husband. This blog is dedicated to my family for always standing by all my decisions. I hope that I can keep the distance across the Atlantic as small as possible by allowing you to follow my exciting new adventure in France.

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La Vie à Lyon

Living, loving and learning in Lyon!

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the only one i've got

An American college graduate moves to Lyon, France for a year. This is her story - la vie française, les voyages, and the memories.

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Lyon Eats

A frequently updated resource for Americans leaving in Lyon, France

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35-hour work week

The experiences of Americans, Michael and George as we make a new life in Lyon, France.

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The Daily Baguette

Discovering interesting things in France including cultural differences... while studying French in France for 3 Months

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travelling but not in love

sex, drugs and rock n roll. All this exists in Lyon, apparently. I remain unconvinced.

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Julia in France

The adventures of one ex-New Yorker living in Lyon.

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