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Blooming in Bordeaux

Lessons in Life, Travel, & French Culture from the Southwest of France

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when wine sings

Canadian living in Bordeaux, and studying wine-making

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La Blogueuse Américaine

The life and travels of an american girl living in France.

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Historic architecture in Bordeaux and France.

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While My Trombone Gently Weeps

ravings and rants of an expat civil servant

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Our New Life in Bordeaux...blending Cultures

Just moved to Bordeaux, France from New York State with my French husband and 3 beautiful daughters. We are all adjusting to the French culture..having fun living, loving & laughing each day! This blog is about some of our experiences and observations from the American perspective. I love to learn about what the Bordeaux area and the country of France has to offer and to also capture many of our experiences through writing & photography.

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Stranger in Bordeaux

My life in the land of croissants and stockings

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Bordeaux Expats

A quick guide to Bordeaux for all Anglophones. A community of people that share interests in Music, Film, Theatre, Festivals & Sport.

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Michele's Life en Franglais

An American living her life in two languages, first in Paris, then in Cincinnati and currently in Bordeaux, and talking about all the trials, tribulations and successes along the way.

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I'm Scottish and I live in France.

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Blogs of the month: Expats living the American dream

While more and more Americans are tempted to move abroad, the USA still keeps attracting expatriates from all around, including professionals and trailing spouses, for various reasons. Our top five bloggers in the USA share their experience and talk about what the life of an expat looks like in the USA and what they like the most about their new city.