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My name is Margaux and I am a French girl based in Panama. After 5 years living in Latin America, I decided to start this blog Marence to express myself and share some pieces of my everyday life. My education & job have given me the opportunity to live in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Panama. And, I know that it is always complicated to arrive in a new city without knowing all the city tips. Thats why, here you will find some pieces of advice, thoughts, my favorite places and some posts on everything I like in life.

Lorna Loves Panama

A quirky 'Real Life' view of Panama from someone living, working & experiencing life as an Expat for the first time... The 'Ups & Downs' of Relocation!

The Panama Adventure

about being an expat in Panama and other various adventures

Latitude Adjustment

Our decision to move to Panama was in the works for many years. Now that it has come to fruition, we want to share our experience through this blog. Our hope is that you too will be inspired to jump out of your comfort zone and find the thing that floats your boat, and perhaps even plan an escape of your own!

PTY Life

A blog covering my personal adventures in Panama with the latest essentials on nightlife, food, fun things to do, news, events, tips, etc.

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The Gringo Guide to Panama

In early 2008 writer, executive Elizabeth Vance was transferred to Panama City; a move which would prove challenging and rewarding and would ultimately lead to this Gringo Guide to Panama. Elizabeth shares her experiences from her first naive preconceptions about life in Panama to learning first hand just how laughably incorrect most of them were. The first two years of her transition were tough, an experience shared by many other North American Panama expats. The Gringo Guide to Panama is the result of her journey into the culture of the isthmus. It offers personal, realistic advice for what may be the biggest move of your life, whether you come for business, retirement or adventure.

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Panama for Beginners

Panama for Beginners is a one stop, advice, travel, and news source for expats living in Panama or for those who are considering a move to Panama.

Panama Dude!


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Pura Vida Epiphany

This blog is a personal writing project about distilling life lessons through travel writing and ex-pat living in Boquete, Panama. We are a cast of characters that includes a pair of retirees, a musician and a family with a young child. Plus two cats and a dog.

Travel backwards with us

My wife and I, live for travel. We love to plan and organize trips months ahead. While on a trip, we start planning the next one. We believe that life is a precious gift, time given to us is limited and the world is full of wonders. To waste time on stereotypes, fears and general opinion is a blasphemy. We saw in disbelief individuals that are afraid to step out from the confines of the hotel or outright refusal to try a new, exotic fruit. While I do not wish to judge anyone on their particular eating habits or spending their precious time off work, we operate slightly opposite! Our trips are filled with outrageous accidents, accidental wonders and amazing wildlife encounters.

Travelling Penster

Words for the wise traveller: a site dedicated to offering practical advice, humorous tales and outstanding pictures from a traveller, for travellers. Many, but not all articles are Panama related as the author is currently living in Panama.

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Our Third Life-Pedasi, Panama

The experiences of moving to and living in Pedasi, Panama

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Let The Adventure Begin

This blog is our way of taking you all with us on our excellent Adventure. I hope you enjoy following our journey as much as we are enjoying it! Cheers!

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Chapter 3 - Kicking it in Panama

Two retired teachers and their two cats sold everything and left the US for a new life in Boquete, Panama.

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The Berry and The Fox

Adventures of leaving home and living & working abroad in Casco Viejo, Panama with my son and husband.

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Making local discoveries and discovering more about myself.

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Panama Life

All about traveling, retiring and living in Panama

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The Stay At Home Gringo--An Expat's Life In Panama

The nuts and bolts and all other kinds of screwy information about living in Panama.

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Our adventures in Latin America, most noteably in Panama.

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In August of 2010 "we" retired after 30 years in the Canadian military. By October 2011 we had both quit working entirely and by May 2012 we had moved ourselves to Pedasi, Panama. It's not always sunshine, Seco, and serenity. But this is our life.

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This month's expat blog: Write Now Rebekah

Rebekah is an avid traveler and blogger, born in Dublin, Ireland. After growing up with her parents in the UK, she lived in Germany, the Greek Islands, and South Korea. Back to Europe, she met her Spanish husband, and they got married in New Zealand. Today, they live in the Netherlands with their two kids. The author of Write Now Rebekah speaks to about her expat experience and passion for blogging.

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