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A year ago I was staring into the abyss. Now I am staring out over the Central Valley. Funny where life can take you. While skating the edge of oblivion in a drunken haze, this strange wonderful man asked me a simple question: Would you like to go get some pie? Really? That’s all it takes? Pie? Yes, pie. Of course it would be food. What other media allows you to tap into all your senses? Sates you to tears? On that fateful night, I babbled away and probably spilled more than Cosmo would deem acceptable. And I talked about cooking. Specifically my philosophy that you should never trust a woman who doesn’t know how to cook. A short time later, he asked me another question: Would you like to come to Costa Rica with me? Sure. Can I bring my kitchen?

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Leaving the Nest: An Expatriate's Survival Guide

A humorous, entertaining, and informative blog about how to survive the rigors of culture shock and promote intercultural communications.

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Every Day an Adventure, Every Meal a Feast

I don't have as many adventures as I used to, though I still believe that Every Day IS an Adventure, especially where I live, in this remote village in the south of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula. And not every meal is a feast these days, but according to my own philosophy, it should be. Where there is love, even a crust of bread can be a feast.

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Happier Than A Billionaire

I've been bit by a bullet ant, inadvertently drove off a mountain, and was surprised in a cave by a crabby crocodile. And you know what? It was still better than a day in the office.

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From Alaska to Australia

Wife and mom blogging about what happens when a career woman and a stay at home dad leave life in L.A. to live in a Costa Rican village.

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Mangoes moved me to Montezuma

As our family relocates to Montezuma, Costa Rica, we're drawn by the peace and beauty of the jungle, the mountains and the beach. Most of all we're excited by the tropical fruit.

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Information on Costa Rica from living, politics, travel, and personal opinions.

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Eye On Costa Rica

Enjoy a neutral perspective on life in Costa Rica from a North American Ex-pat who has lived on both coasts of this beautiful country for some 20 years. Just livin the life of "PURA VIDA"!!

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The MidWest Expat

The adventures and experiences of my family living in Costa Rica.

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De La Pura Vida Costa Rica

I moved myself and my dog to Costa Rica in early 2010 and have been happily exploring the beautiful biodiversity, country, and culture ever since. On my blog, I share my experiences of traveling, living, and working in Costa Rica.

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Tiny Grass

An unschooling family leaves the US for a new life abroad in Costa Rica.

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A blog for all moms, telling about a mother and daughter's adventures living in Costa Rica as expats.

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Have Internet Will Travel

After 10 years in the Internet industry, veteran web designer Kelly Hale and developer Mike Schimanowsky (Shim) have sold their worldly belongings, bid farewell to friends and family, packed a laptop and traded in the daily 9-5 for a life of nomadic freelancing and travel.

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For the time has come...

blog about our families move from TX to Costa Rica

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Pura Vida Mommy

My sometimes crazy, but tranquil life in paradise.

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Redhead in Rica

I'm a 20something who moved to Costa Rica to teach math! I write about all my mishaps as well as all of my adventures!

Latest posts Photo Video in Costa Rica Photo Video, has been created in 2004 by Toh Gouttenoire, a professionnal photographer and videographer living in Central America since 2000. He is now established in Playa Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. is now often employing various photographers and videographers , depending of your needs, they are always recognised professionnals, with strong experiences in the different domains we offer: photography and videography. The Blog is about jobs done, real estate, photography and lifestyle in Costa Rica.

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Julie And Rick In Costa Rica

Our decision to move to Costa Rica - what we worried about, how we decided to do it, and how we are doing it!

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April's expat blog: Adventures With Pete

We are happy to announce our April’s Blog of The Month, Adventures With Pete by Eve Brickner, a twenty-something American expat in New Zealand. In 2013, Eve met her fiancé, and ever since they have been together on a journey of adventures. However, the biggest of all is living in New Zealand, and Eve blogs about the ups and downs, and the lessons learned throughout.

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