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Not your average expats! I am a single, working mother of three now living in San Pedro, Belize. We practice attachment parenting and unschooling and find happiness in living our life, our way.

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The Black Gringa

An expat blog that covers both moving to Ecuador specifics about traveling to Cuba.

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Wendy Miller in Belize

Journalling my experiences here in Belize, getting my work permit, starting to work, sharing the culture

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Living In Leon

A blog with information on living in, retiring or traveling to Leon, Nicaragua and the northern part of the country.

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Why I Love Puerto Rico

This article gives some of the reasons I love Puerto Rico. Lots of Photos.


Pictures, recipes, and vignettes of my life in El Salvador

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reflections on life in therepublica dominicana

life here. raising kids and making it work in the dominican republic

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Le Beau Paradis

Nothing but sun, sand, and a few life lessons along the way!

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Fit for a Kid

My motto is "if you don't like it, change it". Luckily, my husband also subscribes to this philosophy. I write about running, yoga, gathering life experiences, work/life balance, healthy and fit children, evidence-informed science, and community building. In December 2011 we are moving to Costa Rica for six months to add to our life experiences. We fell in love with the country 8 years ago and have visited 3 more times since then. We have discussed this adventure for eight years and are so excited to have it upon us!

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Southern Belize Expertise

Opinion & stories about authentic travel, culture, nature and adventure experiences in the geographically and ethnically diverse Toledo district of southern Belize

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A little more than five years ago we moved from Maine to Costa Rica. We've loved it here, but we're moving back. An ongoing look at why we came, why we're leaving, what we'll miss and what we won't. We'll continue to own land here and will be returning as often as possible.

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Peanut-Butter & Jelly

PBJ lovin' Americans raising kids and making it work in the Dominican Republic.

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James Creasy

My name is James Creasy, i am from the UK and I am a photographer, I am currently working for a company called Colorbox who employ photographers and send them all over the world via cruise ships or on land jobs. I am at the moment living and working out in St Lucia shooting weddings (amongst other things) but who knows where i will end up next. I am using this blog to keep you all up to date with what I am working on, where I am and what I have been up to so I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading!

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Jonathan Riddell's Diary

My life on moving to Guadeloupe

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Santo Domingo Diaries

Blog is built of true stories, observations and personal essays about life in a poor barrio in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. While it is written in the first person, the narrator remains in the background and lets the characters, who are primarily members of his family and are Dominican, and the events that unfold around him sustain the narrative which ranges from funny to frightening.

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Fabulista de Costa Rica

The adventures of expats Kat and Layne in living La Pura Vida in Atenas, Costa Rica.

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Chasing Mangos

Adventures of a family of nine living in Costa Rica!

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Along the Gringo Trail

My husband said to me one day "do you want to work another 15 years before retiring or would you rather retire now and find a way to do it cheaply." I said "where are we going and when?" This led us to a year long journey of exploring some of the top retirement destinations in the world before choosing Panama. I always seemed to have a knack for writing but life got in the way and I never found the time to sit down and do it. One day my husband stumbled upon something I wrote and said "wow, you write well and need to start doing this again." I wrote well as a teenager and was steered into a journalism career only to discover that was not the type of writing that I enjoyed. Instead I enjoy writing straight from the heart about myself and other people that I encounter along the way. What makes people tick fascinates me as does places we go to meet them. And so began our blog of our pending move to Panama, the road blocks along the way and the hurdles we had to jump over to move our lives overseas. Relocating to another country is NOT for everyone and we are still in the infantile stages ourselves. We approaced this move with open minds, open hearts and open arms. We have been willing to embrace ALL that Panama has to offer, even though it's much different from that of the United States. Blogging has been rewarding and also a way to keep in touch with those we left behind back in the states. I expect my experiences to be compiled into other publications to offer to ex-pats that may wish to follow along our trail. We are two adventurous, crazy gringos making our way in a world so different from the one we left behind. Life is too short to sit around waiting for something to happen. By moving to Panama we were able to retire in our 50's, learn a new language, make new friends, have good cheap healthcare and live on much less money while having the time of our lives.

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What about your saucepans

This blog is about daily life in the DR living with and amongst Dominicans.

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Our expat blog of the month: Jill's Journey

It's been nearly twenty years since Jill first moved to Mexico for a study abroad semester. There, she met the love of her life which brought about the irresistible desire to come back and settle in Mexico. Jill talks about her journey and her everyday life as an expat on her blog. If you have always wondered what life in Mexico is all about, here we go!