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Island Family

Posts about our island family life and bakery. Includes recipes, links, rants about motherhood and parenting, homeschooling, sailing and driving trucks.

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Drinking the Whole Bottle

My written journey about being a new wife, an unsure mother, a struggling writer, an enthusiastic wine drinker, an abroad housewife, a life learner, an opinionated thinker, and a rabble rouser of nonviolent sorts. These stories are real. The tattoo is magic marker.

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Atitlan Life

Today, the posts are all from me but others are welcome to contribute. Also, on-line weather for Pajanachel. Camera coming soon.

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My Spirit  and Soul Revived in Dominica

A whimisical blog about my life in Dominica. Also, I will be blogging about my the novel I hope to write.

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Our Third Life-Pedasi, Panama

The experiences of moving to and living in Pedasi, Panama

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A New Life in Costa Rica

Well into our ninth year and we're still creating new lives! Still happy with life in Central America, looking forward to new adventures.

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Hello, I'm Scott

The journal of an American photographer/writer living in Costa Rica.

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Let The Adventure Begin

This blog is our way of taking you all with us on our excellent Adventure. I hope you enjoy following our journey as much as we are enjoying it! Cheers!

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Chapter 3 - Kicking it in Panama

Two retired teachers and their two cats sold everything and left the US for a new life in Boquete, Panama.

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Oasis Writing Link

Experiencing life in Puerto Rico and cultivating a creative self-directed life.

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The Berry and The Fox

Adventures of leaving home and living & working abroad in Casco Viejo, Panama with my son and husband.

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Going Like Sixty

Baby boomer retired writing about life and living in Costa Rica.

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Out on a Limb

I quit my job and sold it all so I could help wild animals in need. I will try to build up experience in this field in the hopes of changing my career path.

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How Beautiful Are The Feet.

This blog is the account of my adventures in... My first year of teaching, becoming bilingual, and building a culture of believers in my Costa Rican community.

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Lifestyle on Jamaica's South Coast

An expat American and a repatriated Jamaican blog about retiring and living in Jamaica.

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Willow Wanderlust

I worked as a nurse for four years in the United States. Last year I joined the couch surfing community, and the people I met changed my life. I ended up quitting my job and embarking on my own adventure. Three months in Europe and now living in Honduras for a year. Following my dreams to write, learn Spanish, learn from others every day, and do nursing I can feel proud about. I started my blog to inspire others to open themselves up to learn from the world and what is different instead of fear it. To share with others how opening my heart to strangers has helped me grow and follow my dreams.

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International Mel

International Mel is your average everyday Midwestern girl. For the last 15 years I've lived in Southern California and worked in Corporate America full time. In 2001, I traveled to Africa and my life changed forever. I caught the travel bug. It has taken many years to work up the courage (and save enough money) to make the decision to travel full time, but I am on the verge of taking the next step in this adventure. This blog will record my transition from the safety and security of a steady paycheck to the wild world of a full-time traveler. I hope will provide travel inspiration and support for others with the bug, particularly solo female travelers, like me!

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Jamaica me crazy

In this blog, you will find more information about Kingston but also my personal stories, the challenges of an expatriate spouse, the experience of living in such a different country, reviews of hotels, restaurants and attractions of the island and finally a real view of Jamaica outside of an all-inclusive resort. My objective is to share my own experience here, the good and the bad. Enjoy!

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This month's expat blog: Write Now Rebekah

Rebekah is an avid traveler and blogger, born in Dublin, Ireland. After growing up with her parents in the UK, she lived in Germany, the Greek Islands, and South Korea. Back to Europe, she met her Spanish husband, and they got married in New Zealand. Today, they live in the Netherlands with their two kids. The author of Write Now Rebekah speaks to about her expat experience and passion for blogging.