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Diary of an Expat Somebody

A spoof diary blog, revealing the lighter and darker sides of the expaterati. Entirely fictional, but not a gazillion miles away from the naked truth.

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Feeding the Friedlanders

A blog about cooking, with tips and experiences from my family life in Singapore. My life in Singapore as a full-time mum of three young kids, pretty much revolves around feeding people. In an attempt to bring some sanity, money saving, and healthy tasty food to the table, I do meal planning. This blog shares my ideas for meal plans for families from the smallest to the biggest, with tips on feeding families in Singapore (where to buy special food stuffs, how to prepare etc..). Emphasis is on easy, fun cooking.

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Me in blogland...

A place where I discuss my love of food, dining, travel, movies, books and much more!

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Hi, I am Sreetama Ray! I am a trailing spouse, living the life of a first-time expat in sunny Singapore. This blog is my sketchbook diary where, every day, I will post one small sketch about my life. My life is about love, hate, small quarrels and petty jealousies. It%u2019s about identity, loneliness and the idea of %u201Chome%u201D. It%u2019s not always poetic, but at all times, it%u2019s completely honest.

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Journeys of the Fabulist

Australian expat in Singapore. Writing about kids, travel, geography, history, culture, social responsibility, logistics, marine biology, civil engineering, and sometimes, coffee or wine.

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Walking the World

My adventures in living in Canada, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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Tales from our move to Singapore

Join us as we plan our move to Singapore

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Ang Moh Chick Diary

I'm a Finn in my late 20's on a life adventure in Singapore. I blog about my life in a new country, happy thoughts, a bit of fashion, healthy and tasty recipes and tips for wellbeing in the hectic environment of today. I post lots of high quality photos about my experiences here. All my recipes take allergic people into consideration. Welcome to unwind with my blog!

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Keli D Images

My blog is about our family's travels and adventures through photography. We are currently living in Singapore. But I have lots of information for Lagos, Nigeria and Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Also traveling with a toddler.

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Lipstick Passpot Pearls

Traveling The World Trying to Find All The Pretty Things Living between Europe, USA and Singapore trying to make the world my home. I love pretty things, fashion, beauty, running and yummy healthy food. Here, I%u2019ll share with you my travels and goodies I find along the way. My style is fun, feminine, and classic%u2026though I love to throw in something un-expected sometimes and I would like to think that I am quite chic =) I have some signature pieces and bits that I use quite frequently. Namely, big Texas hair (I can%u2019t forget my roots!), smoky eyes, my classic Chanel caviar leather handbag, LindseyMarie jewelry, and my love of mixing high-end pieces with thrifty bargains from places like H&M and XXI. I spend a lot of time traveling, and I get a lot of inspiration for my work and style along the road (or in the air). I love going to new places, experiencing new things and being inspired by travel. I am a designer, though I don%u2019t talk about it a lot on this blog, as I would like to focus on my personal fun daily fashion and the experiences of being an Expat, traveling around the world, and discovery, but my profession definitely influences how I see fashion and style. Hopefully what I find on my journey can be interesting or inspiring for you as well, or perhaps I can be a resource of where to go for something from one expat to another. If you have questions or would like to suggest anything for me to write about, please contact me.

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Reflections of An Ang Mo

A blog about a Brit who moved to Singapore at the flip of a coin, armed with $400, a (slightly bulging) suitcase and a 'good feeling' about it...

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Sarah in Joo Chiat

We are a family of four from Kent in England - an interior designer, a writing blogger and two kids. We have a healthy obsession about how other people decorate their spaces and what everyone eats, and I have a love of photographing the little things. We are glad you stopped by.

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Martin Family Travels

A family of 4 that says YES to an overseas adventure! Read all about the good, the bad and the ugly of living and traveling overseas!

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Expat Explorers - travels with my family

If you have young children and want to travel, but want some insight before you go, this blog is for you. Whether you're an expat, an intrepid explorer, an armchair traveller or just looking for holiday ideas, I hope you enjoy my musings. Happy travels.

Foreign Encounters

texan by chance. san franciscan (now singaporean) by choice. consultant turned googler. daydreamer with a lot of wanderlust. i muse about travel, current events, art, tech and life

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Straits Blvd

It's about my journey out from my motherland. It's about travel experience.

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Thomas' Diary - A walk through my life

A blog about my travel, cooking,and other personal experiences in life

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Bedouin Mama

After a nomadic childhood I couldn't adjust to chilly Europe, so I moved my family of 3 young kids back to the tropics. Join in and read my tales of expat life, parenting, recovered memories and culture clashes in sunny (or rainy) Singapore

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Top 5 blogs about expatriation to African countries

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