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Expatriate Observations and Teachings

Intellectual insights, comparisons, knowledge, lessons, wisdom and advice on International Culture, Living and Dating by Ladislav - an Expat, Traveler and Writer who has been to over 30 countries and speaks 10 languages, aka "The Socrates of Cultural Comparisons". It is unrivaled in scope and depth. These are the kind of topics discussed by intellectual travelers and expats in private that are too deep, truthful and politically incorrect for mass publication.

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Somewhere Else

Travels, adventure, people, cultures

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Travel guide for the Philippines with blog posts, articles, pictures and travel guides.

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expat in the Philippines

About the life of a Dutch expat in the Philippines, with blog, pictures and stories. Telling about Philippine cultures and his meetings with Filipinos. Reporting about remarkable things and events, trips and festivals.

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Bethan Christian Home for Children Talakag

It describes my charity work here in the Philippines.

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Mabuhay! Greetings from the Philippines

Experiences of a retired American expat living in the Philippines ... Detailed maps, history, travel information, places to see and things to do. Philippine retirement and relocation information. Cost of living chart. Travel videos and pictures.

An Englishman in Isabela

Experiences of a retired British expat who at 60, together with his Filipina wife and 18 month year old son, has moved permanently to the Philippines.

Cebu Observations

Another Blogger site Exploring the Wonders of Cebu as well as the Exchange of Information and Ideas for all Americans Moving To or Living In the Philippines.

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The Undomesticated Housewife

A newlywed that just moved to the Philippines with my husband on our first overseas project. Adjusting to life in a third world country one mishap at a time, while trying to over come the differences between the US and the Philippines.

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American in Davao

A journal about an American Expat living in Davao City in the Philippines. Articles and posts of Life, family, marriage, observations, experiences and stories of an american in a 3rd world nation.

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Blog mainly on information regarding the Philippines,Cebu and an Expats life.

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Blog about my life as an expate in Cebu Province

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Living in the Philippines

I am an Australian living in the Philippines with GF, though currently in Australia. My blog describes some of my experiences living in the Philippines, renting houses, dealing with relatives, buying foreclosed property, looking at properties.

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Contemplations of a Confused Cosmopolite

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Christian Reflections on Purity, Relationships and Life.

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Cebu restaurants & Cuisine

My weblog is about Cebu, so you'll know something new through my precious experiences. It's really informative for people who wanna know about Cebu Island for vacation and sightseeing!!

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Wainwright Weddings

Creative Documentary Wedding Photography

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The Expat

The musings of an Aussies living permanently in the Philippines

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This month's expat blog: Tales From The Right Brain

Meet this month's blogger, Anja, and indulge into expat life in France through her stylish lifestyle and travel blog Tales From The Right Brain.  After meeting her love in Paris, Anja decided to leave her successful career as an auditor and moved to Paris where she is now restarting her professional life with new influences and ideas in mind. If you are looking for some inspiration and tips on how to live life to the fullest, follow Anja's weekly blog posts.