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A blog about expat life in Japan with a focus on practical information to help other overseas residents of country, or people thinking of making the move!

P-zilla vs. The World

Australia's a big island known for its space and laid back culture. Japan? Not so much. Plenty of blogs will tell you where to go and what to see in Japan. Here's one that will tell you what it feels like to live there.

Adventures of Salty Sally

Follow the adventures of a Dominican/American engineer turned au pair in France to an English teacher in Japan.

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Celia in Tokyo

'Celia in Tokyo' is a blog about the adventures and insights of an Australian living and working in Japan.

Best Living Japan

Curated information in English for curious and creative people in Japan. Live Better, Enjoy More!

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Japan Realm

Defining Japan one awesome category at a time! Everything from Japanese culture, including the history, technology, cosplay, anime, cuisine, fashion, places of interest, and weirdness of Japan!

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Novel Metropolis

Tokyo is the kind of city that stimulates every sense, and I find inspiration in it?s glittering high-rises, in the good smells wafting out of the little ramen and yakitori joints lining back alleys, and in the rumble of trains weaving their way between towering structures, not to mention the colorful people who turn the streets into their personal runway. So join me in my novel metropolis as, under Tokyo?s bright lights, I work toward my dream of becoming a published author. ???????(Wish me luck!)

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Frank Peelen's blog about Entrepreneurship and Life in Japan

I recently moved countries for a 2nd time in 2 years. Originally Dutch, I spent 2 years in London as a Professional Poker Player, but am now starting anew yet again as an Entrepreneur in Tokyo, Japan. Read about my Life in Japan, Trips throughout Asia, various Business Ventures, Amazing Food, Fitness and the occassional Poker Session and Movie Review.

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Tokyo Trendy

Tokyo Trendy is a photoblog for Japanese food, culture, travel, and entertainment, as told by a foreigner who lived in Tokyo for 4 months. With photos of everything from ramen shops to purikura machines, Tokyo Trendy is perfect for those interested in living in Japan, touring the country, or just learning a little bit more about this unique culture.

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Japan X Hunter

Gaijin Musician in Japan's Blog about Food, Drinks, Cool Cafes and living in Japan

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Chuckzilla Eats Tokyo

I am a Canadian teaching science and biology in Tokyo for my third year. Random experiences and cultural information.

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Joanna Mary

I am a British expatriate living in Tokyo, Japan and I love to write about my life overseas. I have been living in Asia since 2007 and I have previously lived in Mumbai and Hong Kong. Whether it is a holiday to a dream destination or an overseas assignment, travel and spirituality are inextricably linked and I%u2019d love to share my journey with you!


Follow me on my adventures in Japan

The Intercultural Blog

This an intercultural blog where you can understand some cultures of many countries by easy ways like cartoons, videos and interviews

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And So It Goes

An American in Tokyo. Like a lot of others.

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Velvet Alley

Konnichiwa, my name is Christi and I am an American expat living in Japan since the spring of 2011. I'm enjoying my everyday life here in this weird country. This is a personal blog about the fun, life and adventure of living in Japan. FYI, I say "fuck" a lot. Sorry.

TEFLtastic with Alex Case

English teacher and writer in Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Greece, Italy and now Japan. Lots of musings on cultural misunderstandings and cultural training, plus other news, views and book reviews.

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♦♦♦ ◊◊◊ ⋅⋅⋅

Born in Los Angeles, living in Tokyo.

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The Expat Wife

A luxury lifestyle blog written by an expat wife currently living in Tokyo.

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