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Lost in the Lens

A photoblog of Japan and other travels.

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Zen's Sekai - Japan

Life and times of a Blasian couple in Japan

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The Wadas

Mr. & Mrs. Wada (me) adventures in Japan.

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A Jodi Abroad

The journeys of a Miyazaki high school ALT as she struggles to travel, adapt, and thrive in Japan.

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What Japan thinks

Everything you wanted to know about Japan, and a lot you didn't want to too! Understand the real Japan behind the stereotypes through this blog's translations of surveys and opinions polls conducted in Japan.

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TEFLtastic with Alex Case

English teacher and writer in Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Greece, Italy and now Japan. Lots of musings on cultural misunderstandings and cultural training, plus other news, views and book reviews.

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Japanese Rule of 7

Offbeat and upbeat stories about what it's like to live and work in Japan, learn Japanese, and wake up on the floor day after day.

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Japan it UP!

Adventures of a crazy American who visited Japan and decided to stay. See what it's like to travel around Japan as a foreigner that can't read or speak Japanese. A great resource for people wanting visit or expats making the move to Japan.

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Big Sushi, Little Fishes

Why else keep a log if not to put it to use on future voyages back to the places already visited? If so much trouble is taken to write down everything considered necessary, is this not in order to sign the way for others or ourselves when by chance we are again confronted with the same regions and season? - LíIngenieur Duplessis (in Writing Away, Lavinia Spalding) Aaron ďtokyoaaronĒ Paulson here, here being a suburb on the western edge of Tokyo, roughly halfway between the mountains of Okutama and the neon canyonlands of Shinujuku and downtown Tokyo. Welcome to my newest blog! Big Sushi, Little Fishes continues the on again, off again narrative of my Japan adventures first started some thirteen years ago with Postcards from Hokkaido and maintained sporadically through other efforts such as Tokyo Kills Me. Iím certain Iíll reveal more about myself through these blog posts. For now, let me just say that I teach at an international school here in Tokyo, and write and take photos in my spare time. Dozo Yorushiku Onegaishimasu, as we say here in Japan. Please be kind to me.

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Adventures of Salty Sally

Follow the adventures of a Dominican/American engineer turned au pair in France to an English teacher in Japan.

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A friendly Photography blog in Tokyo Japan. I document my life living in Tokyo Japan and talk about my photography.

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Jordy Meow - Offbeat Japan

I enjoy exploring the 99% of Japan that most guidebooks and websites don't talk about. Why don't they? Maybe because they are too mysterious, too scary or simply too remote. The truth is that those places are so enchanting that it is difficult to come back. I am sharing those special places with you.

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Student living in Kyoto - a mixture of toursity activities and daily life

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Loco in Yokohama

I started this blog to rant and rave about my life in Japan but it has unexpectedly turned into something else. Itís become an opportunity to explore my thoughts and feelings about life as an ex-pat in in the land of all that is cute and small. Iím a native New Yorker (Brooklynite) and a writer. I have been living here for nearly 5 years and finally I feel like talking about it. And I have a lot to say, so some of the posts may be a little lengthy. I know weíre all supposed to have short-attention spans these days but I donít and I donít do brevity well. However, I do my very best to keep my posts concise and thorough, real and interesting. Which is more important than brief, donít you think? This is not your typical journal about the foreignerís experience here. Iíve read most of them and theyíre mostly pretty happy-go-lucky written by people who are having the most wonderful experiences of their lives. I am not one of them. Maybe if I came from the countryside or something, but Iím a New Yorker. I guess growing up in NY has spoiled me. Got some of that snobbery of being a product of the Ďgreatest city on Earth,í and what-not. But, God help me, I do love Japan.

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remarkable travels

My stories and experiences on the road both globally and here in Asia

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Hokkaido Kudasai

I'm an American, living in Japan. I teach English to earn a living, stitch and create to make me happy, and try to experience and learn as much as I can about Japan.

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Sea Change Okinawa

Life living and working in Okinawa with my 3 year old son, partner and our pets

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Benoa in Japan

Daily posts with original pictures from japan

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The lives and travels of young expat bloggers

More and more young people are looking overseas for their next new adventure, be it the next step in their education or in order to further their career. Though long stints of travelling have been popular for a while, young adults are increasinly looking to make a long-term move abroad. This breed of young expat is often a keen traveller (often using their new home as a base for visiting the region) with a desire to discover the nuances of their new culture. Here are our top five blogs from young expats.

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