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Life of a Foreign Hachiken

Daily life of an English teacher living in rural Japan, trying to find out where she belongs in the world and what her next move should be.

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Available Light: Tokyo

This is my current photography project. It stands side by side with my text-only blog, Tokyo Kills Me, also linked through Check out the recent, through-the-screen picture of power lines I shot last weekend.

Street Portraits

Portraits of people in and around Tokyo.

The Adventures of Kyoto 留学生

I'm a student of Japanese Language and Culture from London, UK. Currently on my year abroad in Kyoto, Japan - something I've dreamt of since forever! Will it fulfill my expectations? Please, do come in and make yourself at home, and I will tell you what happened to me today... Oh, you happen to speak Japanese as well? Rest assured that after some conversation I will give you something original to read in Japanese as well :-)

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A blog about my time studying Japanese at Chubu University in Kasugai-shi, Aichi, Japan.

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Japan + Tech

An American engineer living in Japan. Blogging about my passions and experiences living in Tokyo.

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Jo in Japan

Observations and general fluff about life in Japan from a thirty something English teacher in Japan.

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A Year in a Box

Here is the journal I kept when I lived and studied in Tokyo, Japan for a year on a monbusho government scholarship. Much fun and Engrish was had!

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La vida es Sueno / Life is a Dream / 人生は夢だ

A blog I keep, mainly in English, but also peppered with Spanish and marinated in Japanese. I live the dream for my familia in mi querido 日本 day by day, empowered by positive-energy.

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All the bad things one may find in Lebanon are mocked in a way that would just make people forget their anger at laugh it off.

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Hey From Japan

Blundering through a move to Japan with Spouse, Offspring #1, and Offspring #2 while three of us are held tightly in the grips of either puberty or menopause.

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short, small, & sweet

A city girl from Singapore now living in countryside Tottori on the JET Programme. The adventures of a little dimpled girl living and working in the smallest prefecture of Japan.

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This wanderer ("rurousha" in Japanese; "trekboer" in Afrikaans) has found a home in Japan. It's the best place in the world, even when Namazu, the giant catfish that lives under the islands, moves its tail and makes everything wobble.

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Tokidoki Tokyo

This is a blog about my life and experiences working as a tour leader in Tokyo and travelling around Japan.

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sambal and soy, with a dash of couleur locale

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We <3 Kansai

A guide on life in and about the kansai area of Japan. With sections on places to see, kansai-ben, hopefully people will garner an interest in this rarely blogged about part of Japan.

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Ben and Marie are moving to Osaka, Japan. They share their experience of getting ready for and moving to Japan but also about Japanese culture and language. From crazy videos to the origin of kanjis: it's either FUN or INTERESTING!

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Whoa...I'm in Japan?

Here youll find the story of my life in Japan. All of my ups and downs, lefts and rights and even those strange diagonal moments that make you say what just happened here?

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This month's expat blog: Tales From The Right Brain

Meet this month's blogger, Anja, and indulge into expat life in France through her stylish lifestyle and travel blog Tales From The Right Brain.  After meeting her love in Paris, Anja decided to leave her successful career as an auditor and moved to Paris where she is now restarting her professional life with new influences and ideas in mind. If you are looking for some inspiration and tips on how to live life to the fullest, follow Anja's weekly blog posts. 

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