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Tokyo Cherie

Cataloging all of the beautiful / cute / quirky things I see in Japan.

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With Aloha From Japan

A Hawaii girl and her husband living the expat life in Japan. A collection of thoughts, adventures and/or misadventures during their time abroad.

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Teach Yourself Japanese

This blog follows the recovered manuscript of missing American Eddie Trombone as it is pieced together by the good folks at the Osaka U.S. Consulate.

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Susie Somewhere

A blog about my daily life in and around Sendai.

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47 Japanese Farms

a trip through all 47 prefectures of Japan to better understand life and culture in rural Japan through the prism of agriculture.

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Lindsay Sartoris Photography

Born and raised in a small town in Nova Scotia, and currently living in Tokyo. A freelance photographer that has a passion for landscape photography and portrait photography.

Life with Lin-Chan

A Canadian Expat living, studying and working in Japan. A passion for photography, dance and music. Follow her travels through her photos and thoughts on her blog Life with Lin-chan!

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Imagine Blog

Various insights into the intercultural life of a teacher and staff of an English school.

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Japanese Rule of 7

Offbeat and upbeat stories about what it's like to live and work in Japan, learn Japanese, and wake up on the floor day after day.

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日本心: True Feelings on True Japan

日本心 (nihonshin), coming from the Japanese words 日本 (nihon) meaning "Japan" and 本心 (honshin) meaning "true feelings", is about honest opinions about life in Japan from my American perspective. It goes beyond the arrogance and delusions of many foreigners in Japan with ideas of "conquering Japan" or "becoming truly Japanese". Also meant as a positive space for those interested in coming to Japan to study or work.

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Friends In Ramen

The chronicle of a New Yorker living and eating in Osaka

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Tokyo Podcast

One of the most exciting cities in Asia, Tokyo is a pulsating, neon-lit, adrenaline rush! From its hyper modern culture to its cutting edge technology this is a city that is rushing full speed ahead into the future, and yet there is a quiet calm among the 13 million people who call Tokyo home. Historic parks and temples stand beside modern skyscrapers and internet cafes, fashion conscious Tokyoites shop alongside women wearing traditional kimonos, and at the heart of the city the stately Imperial Palace retains a tangible link to the past.

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The Expat Wife

A luxury lifestyle blog written by an expat wife currently living in Tokyo.

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Learn Japanese thru Pictures

This is a personal photoblog that shares a picture and my views during my stay in Japan, and sometimes all around the world.

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Big Sushi, Little Fishes

Why else keep a log if not to put it to use on future voyages back to the places already visited? If so much trouble is taken to write down everything considered necessary, is this not in order to sign the way for others or ourselves when by chance we are again confronted with the same regions and season? - LIngenieur Duplessis (in Writing Away, Lavinia Spalding) Aaron tokyoaaron Paulson here, here being a suburb on the western edge of Tokyo, roughly halfway between the mountains of Okutama and the neon canyonlands of Shinujuku and downtown Tokyo. Welcome to my newest blog! Big Sushi, Little Fishes continues the on again, off again narrative of my Japan adventures first started some thirteen years ago with Postcards from Hokkaido and maintained sporadically through other efforts such as Tokyo Kills Me. Im certain Ill reveal more about myself through these blog posts. For now, let me just say that I teach at an international school here in Tokyo, and write and take photos in my spare time. Dozo Yorushiku Onegaishimasu, as we say here in Japan. Please be kind to me.

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Life In Japan With Jason

The continuing adventures of an American living with his Japanese family in Yonago city, Tottori Prefecture. Jason has been here for over ten years. Read about all aspects of Jaanese culture, including snacks, holidays, What's this?, and more.

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Tacos With Chopstix

A blog about starting over in Japan! I love posting photographs and we enjoy trying as many kinds of food and places as possible. We want an experience while here! We also like the "luxury" lifestyle, so we will report on a range of different places:). Enjoy!!

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Tokyo Nights

A look at living in Tokyo, the world's largest city. I write about everything from places I've visited, restaurants I recommend, shopping, outstanding photgraphy areas and more.

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Letters from Val

Letters from Val highlights my journey from the most mediocre existence in New Jersey to exploring Europe to finally working and living in Tokyo, Japan.

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This month's expat blog: Travel Gourmande

After spending 12 rewarding years in Dubai, Arni and her family decided to move back to the Philippines and "set up their nest". Today, and after a decade of a hectic career-oriented lifestyle in the Middle East, Arni and her French husband run their business in the Philippino countryside. With every opportunity, Arni steals some time for blogging — what started as a journal filled with travel and culinary tips, expanded to be the record of an eventful life journey. Are you ready to join Arni in her adventures and get inspired?

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