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Confused ABC - The adventures of a confused American Born Chinese trying to figure out life as he travels the world |

Read about the adventures of a confused American Born Chinese trying to figure out life as he travels to Hawaii, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, and more.

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Novel Metropolis

Tokyo is the kind of city that stimulates every sense, and I find inspiration in it?s glittering high-rises, in the good smells wafting out of the little ramen and yakitori joints lining back alleys, and in the rumble of trains weaving their way between towering structures, not to mention the colorful people who turn the streets into their personal runway. So join me in my novel metropolis as, under Tokyo?s bright lights, I work toward my dream of becoming a published author. ???????(Wish me luck!)

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Here and there with a camera

Adrienne the Canadian

A blog about a Canadian girl who is currently living and working in Japan. Posts include photos, experiences, EFL / ESL teaching ideas, and more.

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The Japan Saga

Experiences of a wary wayward searching for something lost and acknowledgedly unattainable in Koriyama, Japan.

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Frank Peelen's blog about Entrepreneurship and Life in Japan

I recently moved countries for a 2nd time in 2 years. Originally Dutch, I spent 2 years in London as a Professional Poker Player, but am now starting anew yet again as an Entrepreneur in Tokyo, Japan. Read about my Life in Japan, Trips throughout Asia, various Business Ventures, Amazing Food, Fitness and the occassional Poker Session and Movie Review.

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ice kachang sensei

A blog about the experiences of a Singaporean ALT on the JET programme who is currently living in Gunma, Japan.

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Rants and Raves

Passionate about travelling and eating my way around the world! I was born in South-Africa and currently residing in Japan! Before coming to Japan I spent a year in Belgium travelling around Europe. Blogging about my everyday life and especially my travels!

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Gina Bear in Japan

An OkiJET Blog. Share with me in my experiences living, loving, learning, traveling, and working in Okinawa, Japan away from my native Chicago!

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Tokyo Trendy

Tokyo Trendy is a photoblog for Japanese food, culture, travel, and entertainment, as told by a foreigner who lived in Tokyo for 4 months. With photos of everything from ramen shops to purikura machines, Tokyo Trendy is perfect for those interested in living in Japan, touring the country, or just learning a little bit more about this unique culture.

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Japan X Hunter

Gaijin Musician in Japan's Blog about Food, Drinks, Cool Cafes and living in Japan

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1 Month Of Ramen

I frequent a ramen shop in Japan where, after 80 bowls, you can get a month of free ramen. So being both cheap and curious I have decided to find out what happens when you eat a bowl of ramen every day for 31 days!

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the poor man's kitchen

stop by now and again, and i'll do my best to keep your belly full, your wallet fat, and all your friends impressed.

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Chuckzilla Eats Tokyo

I am a Canadian teaching science and biology in Tokyo for my third year. Random experiences and cultural information.

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The Real Houswife of Sakura

This is the blog of a French expat mum with a toddler, newly arrived in Japan.

Zen's Sekai - Japan

Life and times of a Blasian couple in Japan

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Eleanor's Japanese Adventure

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland I now live as an ALT on the JET Program in Japan. I blog about my experiences living in rural Japan and my adventures on this exciting journey.

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Joanna Mary

I am a British expatriate living in Tokyo, Japan and I love to write about my life overseas. I have been living in Asia since 2007 and I have previously lived in Mumbai and Hong Kong. Whether it is a holiday to a dream destination or an overseas assignment, travel and spirituality are inextricably linked and I%u2019d love to share my journey with you!

Suki Deshou?

A blog that started out being about my time in Japan as a foreign student has now expanded into a blog about the JET Programme, living & travelling in Japan and all other related things.

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