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Tai Tai in Shanghai

I'm an expat wife, mother of three and manager of chaos. We recently moved to a (very) foreign country and are loving it! Follow along and you might learn something - or just have a laugh.

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SoCal to Shanghai

We're a Southern California couple living and working in Shanghai. We love to eat and travel, so you'll see lots of food and travel posts here. I started this blog as a way to share our daily lives with our family back in the US. I also hope that my blog posts are helpful to other expats living in Shanghai or those considering a move here.

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An American in Asia

Follow my adventure as my husband and I started our life as "empty nesters" by moving from the Chicago suburbs to Shanghai, China.

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Serendipitous Adventurer

The fortunate accidents of an American Teacher with insatiable wanderlust. A real life account of the friends, discoveries and mishaps that happen along the way!

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Shanghai Lens

Photographs of life as I see it in Shanghai specifically and China more generally.

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My Wandering Life

Five Countries, eleven years. My life wanders. Currently calling Shanghai home.

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Living the EXPAT's Life

Blog of an Expat's Wife in Shanghai | More than just your ordinary Housewife

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World Wife Traveler

An American gal gone expat; Follow the journey of a young trailing spouse experiencing the ups and downs of building a new life in China.

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pics & notes of an italian in Shanghai!

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China Hidden Crafts

This blogs aims to help you discover the millenary Chinese culture through its unknown arts and crafts industries. I will show you a different image of China, uncovering its rich cultural and historical heritage and traditional knowledge. Also, since I`m based in Shanghai, I decided to share with you what it`s like to live here as expat (which is without any doubts a craft requiring certain skills itself). Imagine this blog as an open window on China, and feel free to look out of it whenever you want!

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Michael Tyler in China. Stories of things Chinese.

Working as a Teacher in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China. Smell the orient without moving from your cosy living room.

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Sandra in China

Me blogging about my life and my studies.

Seattle To Shanghai

Adventures experienced after move from Seattle to Shanghai by a Professional Working Woman.

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Ingrid's notes from living in China and traveling the world. Formerly known as Socal to Shanghai.

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Sugared & Spiced

Food + Travel A collection of some personal favorites for food and drinks in Shanghai, with escapades to other cities in Asia and beyond!

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Donuts to Dumplings

Dumplings to Donuts is a blog by two small town kids who fell in love with each other, all things Penn State, our cat, traveling, and new adventures. This love of unexpected undertakings has led us to jump out of planes, eat questionable food, and now, move to Shanghai, China.

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Shanghere we go

There is never a dull moment in Shanghai, so much so I decided to write about it. From teaching the likes of Fluttershy, Banana and Puppy (to name a few of my students names), being asked to dress up as Snow White at the New Year ceremony and my first role as directing and producing the school production of Little Red Riding Hood, there is always a moment of madness.

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Shanghai Collected

Food, shopping, travel, beauty, fashion. The insight of a expat woman living in Shanghai.

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The blog about Old Shanghai Published (about) weekly, documents, photos, book reviews and all I can find about Shanghai in the period before 1949

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Julys blog of the month: The Fashion Matters

Hadas first left her home country, Israel, to study fashion business in New York. Ever since, she has visited more than 25 countries and has lived as an expat in France and England where she pursued a Master’s degree and is currently planning to get married. Hadas is a genuinely creative person, whose passion for exploring the world and fashion is evident in her three-year-old blog The Fashion Matters  — an endless source of inspiration for stylish travellers.

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