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My Wandering Life

Five Countries, eleven years. My life wanders. Currently calling Shanghai home.

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Shanghai Collected

Food, shopping, travel, beauty, fashion. The insight of a expat woman living in Shanghai.

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Sugared & Spiced

Food + Travel A collection of some personal favorites for food and drinks in Shanghai, with escapades to other cities in Asia and beyond!

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Filipina Bonita

I am currently working in Shanghai and enjoying it greatly!

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Shanghai expat wife's life

Living in Shanghai from the prospective of an Australian who was born in the US but has a Chinese background.

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Shanghai Shangrila

Shanghai Shangrila is an on-going story about the decision to leave our lives in Los Angeles for something much different: Shanghai, China. We hope to use this platform to talk about the process of making the move and the overall experience of living in China. The idea is that we might make it easier for people to travel here by passing along helpful information. We hope you enjoy our story as much as we enjoy living it!

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Shanghai Halfpat

eating + living + working + exploring Shanghai (on a shoestring)

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I'm living the good life in Shanghai! This is my blog about Shanghai, China!

Abandon the Cube Travel Journal

Quitting our jobs and traveling the world in search of adventure is what we have done best. Abandon the Cube Travel Journal offers travel guides, tips, adventure stories, maps, and experiences, as well as destination guides to our readers. Come live vicariously with us as we abandon the cube.

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Living the EXPAT's Life

Blog of an Expat's Wife in Shanghai | More than just your ordinary Housewife

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TS Perspective

Shanghai through a unique lens

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Shanghai Tech Writer

Blog about technical writing, technology, blogging, and living/working in Shanghai.

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Shanghai China Snippets

Observations about China and Shanghai in specific. Slightly cynical.

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Jakob Montrasio's Net

My name is Jakob, and obviously, this is my blog. I live with my wife in Shanghai, China, and I blog about technology, the internet, my and other people's videos and China itself, but mostly about photography, currently my biggest hobby.

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Between Paris and Shanghai, life of a French man, showing pictures.

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Me and Chairman Mao

China can be a funny place if you're a foreigner, and when funny things happen, I'm there to document it. Now with pictures!

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Musings of an Expat Wife

I am a trailing spouse from Singapore to Shanghai since Oct 2005. This blog is about me, my rant and my raving. Hopefully, it will also help open up a new world of friendship for me. ;) 海内存知己,天涯若比邻!

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Carnet de Route

Tout, tout, tout sur les destinations ou je pose mon sac ! Venez vite !

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Miscellaneous Ramblings & Musing

Shanghai Journal is a blog about an Expat womans life, traveling and insights about her expat location - Shanghai. It also covers topics on food, dining, art & design, Architecture, photography and some Internet reviews.

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China is a vast country with culture and cuisines that vary among regions, provinces, and cities. Wherever you are thinking of moving to in China, we have selected some of the most helpful blogs from expats who have already set up shop there. With everything from advice on expat life to living in China as a multicultural family, you're sure to find something for you.

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