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The Swiss Job

A blog about moving to Basel to start a new job. You'll get to read about my view on Swiss life and be able to experience the procrastination and indecision in everything I do!

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Status of Chinese People

News & report collection on China and ordinary Chinese people’s living condition. Topic including nature environment, People, Social environment, etc.

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Expat in California

Based on our relocalization in California, futur or existing expats will find here some tips and tricks for their transfer in CA.

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Where's Claire

random musings about my life in Sweden for the non-swede (and the occasional lapse into silly stuff)

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Bis Vivit Qui Bene Vivit

An expat's daily life.

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moving to Dominican Republic

All information that you need to establish in Dominican republic

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Postcards From Across the Pond

Dispatches from an Accidental Expat

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Pecorino and Honey

I love Italy - Follow me as I make the move of a lifetime, to Perugia, in the green heart of Italy, Umbria. This blog also contains accounts of past travel experiences.

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Somewhere in the Middle

A journey as a soon to be expat and all the craziness that comes along with living in another county.

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Expat Travels

Just a few bits of my expat life in Vancouver, B.C. to my Swiss travels and other ways I just get away.

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Paris For Dummies and Others Too

France has decided to offer Paris as an incentive in the battle for international brain power by streamlining some of the laws for immigration for scientists. Well, we bit and now we must plan our eventual move to Paris.... from New York, via Frankfurt.

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LA 2 Tokyo

I grew up in Los Angeles, and am currently living in Tokyo. Which city is better? I'll let you read and decide, while I post photos, and true stories about my life in these two crazy cities.

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Reykjavik Harbor Watch

I'm an American who moved to Iceland in the summer of 2005

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Where the Hell Am I?

The views of an American expatriate from sunny California now living in Seoul, South Korea. There is social and political commentary, music and entertainment, and general silliness.

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American girl living in the Netherlands; home not home. Patiently awaiting the demise of the Bush administration. Visual artist addicted to bookbinding and beautiful paper.

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i prefer paris

I Prefer Paris is about an Ex-New Yorkers daily view of living in Paris. It includes restaurant reviews, celebrity interviews, Paris fashion and more.

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Homely Planet

Rantings from an American living and drinking in the rough and tumble port city of Busan, South Korea.

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Separated by a Common Language

Observations on British and American English by an American linguist living in England

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This month's expat blog: Travel Gourmande

After spending 12 rewarding years in Dubai, Arni and her family decided to move back to the Philippines and "set up their nest". Today, and after a decade of a hectic career-oriented lifestyle in the Middle East, Arni and her French husband run their business in the Philippino countryside. With every opportunity, Arni steals some time for blogging — what started as a journal filled with travel and culinary tips, expanded to be the record of an eventful life journey. Are you ready to join Arni in her adventures and get inspired?

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