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Dutched Pinay Travels

A world of art, culture, gastronomy and adventure... and life in the Netherlands

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Fotoblog multicultural en Français, in Italiano and also in English... 3 destinations: Italia, Canada, France (respectively countries of expatriation, exchange studient and home).

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Kommissarie Curiosa

Kommissarie F. Curiosa is a female detective in her mid-twenties delving into the baffling yet somehow tantalizing mystery of the the Swedish male in Sweden's chilly capital city. She's a modern-day Mata Hari, infiltrating the grisly underworld of dating and living in a foreign country.

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Gia-Gina in Italy

So I've decided to follow my new husband back to his native Italy. Follow our adventures; a personal diary, food blog, and travel log all in one.

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Italian Citizenship/Moving to Italy

I am an American who recently obtained "dual" US/Italian citizenship. I wanted to do this blog for two reasons. First, to share my experiences and to be a resource for people who would also like to obtain Italian citizenship. Second, to document the step by step process my fiance and I are taking to make the move to Italy. Will it actually happen? I guess we'll see....

Nerd's Eye View

A blog about (but not only about) the confusion of living in another culture, politics, travel... Austria and travel posts are easy to find on Nerd's Eye View using the "Austria" and "Elsewhere" categories.

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Spain Dad, a baby blog

Spain Dad, a baby blog is one of the most well-read baby blogs in the US and Europe. Author Kelly Crull has been inviting readers into his family since 2006, using story, photography and video to capture the everyday adventure of an American work-at-home dad living in Madrid, Spain.

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Tongue in Cheek

Stories I've collected while tripping over my tongue at the fleamarkets! Follow me into the world of antiques, fleamarkets, French culture and lifestyle. I am an American, living in France these last 18 years, with my French husband, and two teenagers.

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Our Man in Tirana

Relections on politics, culture and society in Albania from a British expat now resident in Tirana.

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Blogging away in Sosua Land

Expat living on the beach on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic in Sosua. Talking about Real Estate, Money, women and living in a 3rd World Country. Lots of humor and networking!

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Glorious Food and Wine

A gourmet discovery of Brussels, mainly, but Europe as well.

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Belgian Beer

All you ever need to know about Belgian Beers

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First they came for the verbs and I said nothing, for verbing weirds language. Then they arrival for the nouns and I speech nothing, for I no verbs.

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Verbal Collage

Random collage of thoughts, anecdotes, reflexions, musings and other introspections from a French expat' living in in Dublin for 6 years...

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British new mum living with Polish other half in Belgium

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Homesick Canadian expat in Germany since 1990

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Anna Overseas

A 20-something Canadian who got bored, moved to China, got bored, moved back to Canada, got bored, and moved to Scotland. She is scheduled to get bored again sometime in mid-2006.

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Smiles Magical Land

A personal blog about living life with a disability and enjoying general life.

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Our top 5 expat parenting blogs

Moving abroad with your children can be one of the most fulfilling and life-changing decisions you have made for your kids — new experiences, exposure to different cultures, and maybe acquiring a new language are just some of the benefits. But if you are overwhelmed by questions, such as how will my child cope in the new country and how to choose the right school abroad, here are five expat parenting blogs to help you and your family smoothly settle in your new home.  

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