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Seeking unique non average people as platonic friends & NOT just talking on the net as I don't do that. I don't believe in hiding behind a phone (texting) or monitor.

You can be anywhere in the world.

I look for people who are similar to me : )

I'm spiritually conscious (don't believe in religion), holistic through & through (I'm not a vegan, but I believe in clean everything, nothing chemical or toxic.)

I'm above average in intelligent, I love to learn, read, nature, animals, live theater, TV, dancing, music, traveling, I'm also a foodie, but again, no toxic oil & low quality products.

I'm also very open minded & am anti gov't, (I'm a conscious agorist) & believe in FREEDOM, not someone else telling me how to behave or what to think.

Insecure "know it alls" who ignore people as a passive aggressive technique please move along.

I look forward to the respectful non judgmental people who like deep conversations & to laugh & have fun : )

Since 99% of all humans online can't or refuse to be respectful & read a person's profile, please give me the following:

1. I have read your profile in full. (exact wording)
2. Why you resonated with what I wrote.

Thanks for reading & all the best : )

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