Knowledge Worker Integration / Outsourcing Business based on my unique Digital Workplace Software Solution

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Please contact Florian Strahberger
I have developed a digital workplace solution (advanced project collaboration & communication software for teams with a locally distributed team configuration) and are now considering to search for a business-partner in China. Where / how can I start with finding the needed partner so I can get the needed permission for the mainland?

My vision: a globalized labour-market for knowledge-workers, in a world of virtual, project-organized enterprises with virtual teams and workers taking advantage of the artificial intelligence of their (=my) digital workplace solution.

My mission: I have developed the software, which is ready to use (ai-integration is missing yet, but data is stored in a way for superior pattern-recognition capabilities already, based on my CFLX-invention and advanced artefacts concepts) - all we need are skilled, English-speaking knowledge-workers who are keen on working from home for projects of companies in high-income areas & countries and taking advantage of their competitive advantage due to the fact of lower costs of living...

I am deeply convinced, that as soon as the ai is backing the digital workplace, this form of collaboration will be superior to the forms of collaboration we are practising today (global staffing will lead to a better fitting of work with workers; the ai will create impressive forecast & suggestion - capabilities the more well-prepared data is collected, the better the ai is becoming...)

As a Spin-off, I have created an easy to install student-version of the software & a course-design for covering the needed subjects (project management, inter-cultural competence, communication-theory & setting-up and using the software).
For getting a deeper understanding - or, an understanding at all - about the Chinese culture, Chinese thinking and the way how to collaborate and build-up partnerships together, I was taking into consideration to offer this course in Chinese High-Schools or Universities as a teacher by myself. (No, I am not a teacher - business-engineering and project-management is my profession)

If you have some idea, a flash of inspiration, or any question: do not hesitate and give me some feedback!
My software solutions are even available for free at the moment (open source, via sourceforge) - if you are interested, I can give you the link & further information as well...

-Florian from Germany, Bavaria.
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