US Coins for Sale! Morgan Dollars Etc.

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1878 CC Morgan Uncirculated- book Value $420

Selling for- $250

1886 O Morgan Uncirculated very rare- book value $1000

Selling for - $500

1880 0 Morgan (somewhat rare) - book value $100

Selling for - $50

1964 JFK uncirculated half - $10 (my price)

1880 CC Morgan- (was sold to me as Uncirculated, I think it may have seen light circulation)

Book value -$350, selling for $250 or 200 if you buy the another Morgan

1929 Standing Liberty Quarter (uncirculated) book value - $125 selling for $75

Brilliant Uncirculated 1932 Washington Quarter book value $100 selling for $50

1854 Seated Liberty half (slight scratch on front, small but noticeable if you look closely) - not sure on book value will sell for $20 if you buy other coins

1865 S Seated Liberty (rare civil war coin) book value $200 selling for $100

1950 Brilliant Uncirculated Washington Quarter $11 book value - free if you buy lot of coins $6 if you buy with another coin

1830 Capped Bust Half in about G Condition not sure on book value, comparable one sold for 48 dollars on ebay, so my price $30

1909 Lincoln Penny uncirculated with some toning but still can see some red book value $23, my price $15

There are a few silver dimes, nickels and half silver quarter I'll throw in to whoever buys the lot. I would only be interested in selling at least $100 worth, so please don't ask to buy only the kennedy half or something. These are great prices and coins I wanted to keep unfortunately I need to pay for a visa and a visa run, and I don't have the money otherwise. All coins were purchased from a US dealer.
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