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Give Us This Day Our Daily Mango

The Adventures and cultural blunders of an American family of 5 living in Belo Horizonte, Brasil

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  • 6 months

    Howdy folks! Yes, I'm still here. Saudades demais. I made my first bolo de cenoura to eat while we are watching Brasil vs Chile today. Recipe ...

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  • Last day in Brazil

    Hi there. I am alive. I did make it through. I will not lie: it has been rough. There have been tears, and exploding microwaves, payments made in the ...

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  • Moving sale

    Venda-se! Ainda tenho uma mesa com 6 cadeiras, uma secretária, duas camas, uma mesinha, artigos de cozinha, livros e arte para vender ...

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  • We're moving

    I've been trying to think of some nice, creative way to announce our departure, but I've been just too busy. We're moving to the ...

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7 years ago

Hi there,My wife went to the federal university in BH,also have 2 sister in laws in BH.Wife and i are impressed with your courage, living in another part of the world.4 years more than my family will move to MG.

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