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Casting a little flavor (and a few aspersions) on the world of food, drink, and life

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  • The Càihua of the South Lake

    ’tis the season and all that (being winter down here in BA). Lots of brassicas, be they cabbages, brussels sprouts, broccoli, or ...

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  • Chop Suey #14

    We’ll start off this round of Chop Suey in the Floresta Koreatown. Bit by bit, I think I’m putting together the most comprehensive guide ...

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  • Off the Burners

    Just a look back at the last month’s worth of home meals (that weren’t intended as experiments for Casa SaltShaker). Pan seared pork chop ...

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  • Peculiar Pastas #3

    Let’s start with the money shot…. Now that’s, in my opinion, a mouthwatering bowl of pasta. The pasta, Strozzapreti, the ...

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