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Rosie in Buenos Aires!
Rosie in Buenos Aires! byrosietimes

A blog about being an English girl living in Argentina: the people, the places, the queues!! Amusing? I try. Informative? Sometimes yes. Real? ...

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  • Home Time

    10,295 page views, 68 blog posts, numerous photos captions that made me laugh and probably no one else ever read, lots of ups, a few downs - the Argy ...

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  • Todo es Linda

    My time in Argentina is, crazily, drawing to a close. After a long and difficult decision a few months ago, I have chosen to head back home, to the ...

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  • Vamos Argentina

    Argentina is a country of passion. It is a country of people who kiss strangers on the cheek, a country of people who go into exstasies when ...

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  • Bank Card Adventures

    When you are an Argentine resident, you receive a card called a DNI; an identification card, with a number on it that is used for everything: using ...

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