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Views from Down Under

This is a chronicle of our life as we spend 2-3 years transplanted from Grayslake, IL to Sydney, Australia. It includes photos, videos, our friends, quotes of the kids and sometimes interesting facts about the new area we are living in.

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  • We have a house!

    also posted at: rhombergglobetrotters.blogspot.comDon't forget to move your bookmarks to the above blog! We are moving!!! Follow us there.... In ...

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  • We are on the move

    Some of you may have heard.Others of you may have guessed from the cryptic photo blog from the beginning of December.Jim has accepted a job in the ...

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  • Merry Christmas

    Haven't posted much lately, but lots has been going on. So, we'll post some photos of holiday cheer here.Jim celebrating down under Santa ...

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  • Where in the world are the Rhombergs

    All of us are awake on Sunday December 5th. Two of us just woke up -- two of us are just going to bed.Two of us are still enjoying warm-ish weather, ...

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