Let's go away for a while...

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Let's go away for a while...

The adventure's of a Scottish girl in Seattle.

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  • Infertility: Part 2

    I've had two friends this weekend post links relating to the topic of infertility. The first was this: Your Infertility is Safe Here and second ...

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  • 10 Years

    Photo by Kera of The Perfect Moment PhotographyStuart and I will have been married for 10 years in March which has given me pause for thought on many ...

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  • Food: chicken satay on homemade naan topped with cucumber, cilantro and coleslaw

    I posted this pic on my instagram yesterday and declared myself a magician. Dinner was homemade garlic naan bread topped with iceberg lettuce, ...

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  • Mighty Mathis update

    Mathis passed away yesterday morning peacefully, surrounded by his family. He was 8 months old and touched so many lives - he'll continue to ...

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