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Books Travellers Inc.
Books Travellers Inc. bythe_young_dude

Books Travellers is the blog of Pia and Julie, two travellers who can't live without books. They review books, but also interview people, and ...

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5 years ago

Hi, I live in Dubai. Okay, here goes!!During the day it is advisable for flmaees to wear t shirts with half sleeves, knee lenght skirts or three quarter lenght trousers, as it is Ramadan. This is only for when you are out on the streets etc. Also do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum etc from dawn to dusk (approx 18.30) as this is considered offensive to the locals.Dress code in the evening, as you wish. Most restaurants are smart casual, so you would not need jacket and tie, unless you were going to go to a top restaurant. Dont forget, it is a holiday destination.So, do not be alarmed, the hotel is amazing, you will probably not want to leave! While on the grounds of the hotel, you can dress as you please, eat, smoke and chew as much gum as your heart would desire But there will be no alcohol served daily until 19.00. Dont worry though, there are still places to go, but no clubs as music is not allowed. Longs bar in the Rotana Towers Hotel on Sheik Zayed Road is always a good bet, and they serve until about 02.00. Also, you could check out Double Decker at the Al Mourooq Rotana, same hours apply. The Madinat Souk is another must see, this hotel is amazing. You cannot change money in a normal bank, but there are loads of money exchanges. The best one is Thomas Cook, and dont be afraid to ask them for their best price. Just check with your hotel where the nearest branch is. All currency is excepted, dollars have a fixed rate in the middle east, so try to check it out, sterling is normally better.Taxi's will be a large part of your spending, as you need to get them every where, try to budget for that. They are not too expensive but you may need to get several a day and this can eat away at your shopping money.Anyway, I hope this has covered all your questions, have a brilliant holiday, you may never want to go anywhere else again!!!!

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