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Mama(e) in Translation
Mama(e) in Translation

A mother (mamãe) of two between two languages, two countries, two "worlds" (academic/ home-front). A foreign student (ABD right now) married to a ...

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  • Super-Relaxing Week 7

    Preface: I just realized this post reads TOTALLY like a "product placement" blog post. This is hilarious because it's been nearly 10 ...

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  • It's Paid

    Just a quick update on this pending issue -- the money came out of our checking account, so that means the checks were "cashed" and I guess ...

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  • Guess What?

    Well... we had used an older form (although not expired according to the writing on the bottom, NOT TRUE!) to submit this and all the paperwork came ...

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  • Week 4: Exercising and Helping Refugee Family

    This has been the most intense week yet, bordering CRAZY intensive!And I just had to create two new labels: Exercising and Helping/Volunteering. The ...

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