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mf's mini world of mf-ism

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  • Potty stuff

    I remember Kai had super explosive poop. For quite a while, he pooped up his back at nursing time every morning. He also had a couple of funny ...

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  • Yu cuts his first tooth!

    Yes, my baby who drinks way less milk and eats less well than his brothers at this age has cut his first tooth - bottom left incisor - way ahead of ...

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  • Passport photos galore

    I still remember the days when I had to go to a nearby studio, sit on a stool in front of daunting but strangely exciting equipment, stare at the ...

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  • What do we do without economical beehoon and rice??

    I was having economic beehoon 经济米粉 for breakfast on Saturday morning and this question came to me.As a kid, it was only 米粉 to me. Mother ...

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