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Maine to Mexico

Discusses the realities of moving to and living in the Lake Chapala area.

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  • Final Post...New Beginning

    Well, here we are, back in Maine. After five years in Mexico, we have returned to Maine to live for most of the year. But we plan to return to Mexico ...

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  • Still Slowly Makin' it Back to Maine

    Here are Pixie and Lynn Cleek. We met Lynn shortly after our migration to Mexico in 2007. She and her dear husband, Gary, had to un-retire and go ...

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  • Taking a Break in Indiana

    We are spending a relaxing week in Muncie, Indiana with our son Eric and his family. While Eric and Crystal are working this week, we are able to ...

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  • On the Road Again

    No new photos now, but I wanted to post an update to our adventures in San Antonio. We spent three rainy days in the hotel without a car, eating at ...

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7 years ago

Hello! I found your blog on expat-blog and had to come take a look. I am also a Mainer, who the long way around, has ended up in Jalisco. I'm in Tlaquepaque, and just visited Chapala for the first time today. I'm teaching English at a private language school here, and absolutely love it. I have been teaching in Asia for years, and although the money is no comparison, the quality of life is fantastic. Best, Shanna

Rob Myers
Rob Myers
9 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyed your blog. It was all so very interesting. Oddly enough, I enjoyed your recitals of day to day living the most. I've bookmarked your blog, so I'll be checking back.

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