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The Arg Factor
The Arg Factor byarianaauburn

A non sugar-coated blog about the adventures of living in Canada from the view point of an American.

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  • Lifelines covered in Cheeto Dust..

    I hate the health system in this country. The current political atmosphere (and the Executive Orders signed by the Cheeto-In-Command), is already ...

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  • Why it is hard to take care of extra body parts

    <DISCLAIMER: RANT> Last weekend felt like a huge hangover, combined with embarrassment the minute I stepped outside of my house. Inauguration ...

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  • The Metamorphosis

    Headhunted I got a call from a recruiter from a temp agency I used to work with. The interview went well until I told him I was a full-time student. ...

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  • The Awakening

    It has been a rough semester. My grades weren’t decent and because of that, I had a nervous breakdown. The possibility of losing my financial ...

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