Travels of an Overpacker

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Travels of an Overpacker

Carrying as much as I can, to as many places I can

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  • I'm a Baller

    Okay, I swear that every time I set out to write a blog post something thwarts me. This is the third, THIRD, different blog post that’s somehow ...

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  • Updates

    So I’ve been really bad at blogging. Sorry about that. It’s not that I don’t think of posts, it’s that I spend a lot of time ...

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  • How come no post for your fathers birthday? Just wondering.-JC

    You got me Uncle JC! I didn’t do a birthday post for my father, but, in my defense, I was with my dad on his birthday this year–so ...

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  • Celebrity Sighting

    I’ve always thought that were I to come into contact with a celebrity, that’d I’d be calm and cool. (And then because I’m so ...

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Hi, this is very nice blog. Congratulations!

Blog it !

Globetrotters, adventurers, food lovers, fashionistas or photograph enthusiasts, we care about your stories.

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