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Mike Rocks Saudi
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Originally from Portland Oregon USA I accepted an offer to work in Saudi Arabia as a Paramedic.

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  • Check out on my new blog

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the interest in my blog. I have not worked in Saudi Arabia since 2011, but I still get emails from this blog. I will ...

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  • The End

    My boots hit the hot tarmac one last time as I walked away from my Paramedic station. I couldn't help but turn my head and look back one last ...

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    The heat from outside hit me like a sack of door knobs as I exited the comfort of our cozy air conditioned ambulance. It was around 115 degrees and ...

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  • The smoking gun

    I jumped over the concrete barrier and slid down an embankment with my trusty trauma bag slung over my shoulder. As I surfed down the dirt and debris ...

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5 years ago

Hi are you .hope you enjoy your time here in Saudi ....

5 years ago

haha Yes, so far so good jtwomey. Thanks for everyones interest, hopefully I do not have to meet any of you at work! :-)

5 years ago

You will either love it or hate it here!! It really is what you make of anywhere. Lots of new people to meet and loads to do. Enjoy!

5 years ago

Welcome ro Saudi Michael!

5 years ago

Hello. My name is Michael and I am leaving to Saudi Arabia in two weeks to teach English at a University. I've been reading up on different stories/blogs and it sounds like an exciting and different place. Sounds like you're having quite an adventure too! I just wanted to drop you a note telling you that I think your story is very interesting and unique. So I hope you continue to write it all down! Talk to you soon, hopefully!

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