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A blog about working in Armenia, travelling the world and me.

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  • Flying Breast Peak in January

    I wasn't up to flying this day, so I went along as a driver along with a couple of other keen para-groupies... We sat at the top of the hill ...

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  • Back in Nelson

    So finally i put some more words on the page. I have been meaning to update this for so long, and the longer it waits the harder it is to figure out ...

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  • 12 weeks to the day

    On Friday i had my first flight since the crash back on 30 October, twelve weeks after that day.We are up in the Wairarapa on holiday and so i had a ...

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  • Stuff I've been up to

    Another big improvement in my recovery has meant that i can now do some stuff that i really love. I have been out swimming, kayaking, biking and ...

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8 years ago

Are you still living in Armenia? I would like to ask you for some information. If you wish to- please reply to my email address.

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