My Life As A Swede

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My Life As A Swede
My Life As A Swede bynict

The tedious and incoherent ramblings of a young Australian living in Sweden.

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  • BBC's Sweden

    The BBC has just made a television adaptation of Henning Menkel’s novels, starring Kenneath Branaugh as Kurt Wallander. I’m not sure now ...

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  • God is Swedish

    Contrary to the views of some, God doesn’t hate Sweden. In fact he lives in Sweden and even has a mobile phone here. A church in Helsingborg ...

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  • A Midsummer Treat

    Yesterday was the Swedish Midsummer, a big national event here. Despite being a celebration of summer, the weather is always inevitably gray and wet. ...

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  • On the Other Side of the Bar

    I’ve just been going over my previous blog entries and realised it has been a while since I wrote about my work and what I’m actually ...

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