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Women in Spain Editor

I'm from the UK and I've been living in Spain for just over two and half years with my partner and our four year old twins. Share my experiences as I try to get organised and settled into my new life in Spain. I am also in the slow process of putting together a web site for expat women but sometimes life gets in the way

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  • Tarifa

    It has to be said I love Tarifa. I won't step foot in the sea here but I will totally immerse my body in the water in Tarifa, where the Atlantic ...

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  • Geox in La Canada - Last Time I Buy There!!!

    One of my daughters suffers with sweaty feet and I have always found that cheaper trainers don´t help the problems. When I bought a pair of ...

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  • Napolitanas in Mercadona

    I forgot how delicious these were as Justin and I scoffed a tray or three big ones this morning. They are so chocolaty and perfect with a big mug of ...

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  • Iffy Weather

    Well, I was lucky enough to spend Easter in sunny England. I enjoyed the beach at Brighton and some good days out including Legoland in Windsor. The ...

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