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El Inglestito

The musings of an Inglesito adrift in Madrid

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  • Microphone

    Many years ago, my friend Sonya and I wrote a mad, mad sitcom based on various mad, mad people we came into contact with whilst living in a ...

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  • Basket Case

    It's been a funny few months since my last post. Not funny ha-ha, like the time I arrived home in my underpants sporting a clutch bag and a wry ...

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  • Experiment

    A little over a year ago, my friend Sonya and I went on a trip to Salta, in Northern Argentina. It was to be our first experience of ...

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  • How I Became A Football Fan

    I meant to do this post last weekend but was distracted by a a Madonna concert in Amsterdam and a gala dinner in Bucharest. What can I say? I've ...

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