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I am an American living in Novi Sad. I have been here since October 2006 and have a desire to share with you my thoughts and feelings about this ...

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  • Update

    I know it's been awhile since I posted, but life has been hectic. I've had comments asking how we are doing and sad to say, not well.My ...

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  • Welcome to the world of work

    My love has gotten a good "starter" job at a local nationwide discount chain. This will give him the opportunity to work on his English and ...

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  • He is here!

    My love is finally here in America with me. He flew in last Wednesday, due in large part to the efforts of Senator David Vitter and Congressman Jim ...

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  • Whiny,whiny,whiny

    Well............ My love is all ready for his interview for his visa to come here. Only now the embassy is not scheduling interviews as people keep ...

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