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  • Dobro utro, Kako si, Hvala

    Don't hate me if I haven't acquired an easy tongue for Srpski, but I am looking for a tutor or a writing pal to help me out before making ...

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  • Passing the time; Hopefully not the dream

    16 weeks and 4 days...winter hell with signs of slightly less miserable weather to come..a blossoming baby grows outward by the day and a dream still ...

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  • 2010: New Year, New Plans to cross the Atlantic

    Happy New Year and what a full year it will be! Plans have slightly changed to stay in NY a bit longer than expected as we are welcoming a new ...

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  • Witnessed Do’s and Dont’s in Belgrade

    When driving in Belgrade, do look for police waiting for speeding cars especially on the bridge to Kotez. Also do look for them in Splavovi at night ...

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7 years ago

Just want to appoligize for previous comment. It makes Serbian people look bad.I hope you have a wonderful time in Serbia and please remember, like anywhere else, there are all kinds of different people. Belgrade is very different than the rest of the country because people seem to be more liberal and willing to see thing from other people's perspective.I am sure you will find a place for yourself since salsa dancing seems to be very popular there these days. My husband (who is not Serbian), and I are planning on moving back to Belgrade within the next year. Maybe we even run into each other there.Good luck!:)

8 years ago

Well for an American girl,you are not bad,and i see that you like horses too.Let me tell you something about us Serbs(and generaly abaout all Slaven's-we all ADORE those beautiful creatures,and those who present themselfs as one of us,and not like them,are liars).As for your ambitions....well,turbo-folk,is by my opinion,for those whose brains are damaged,or brainwashed,if you know what i mean,and i wouldnt listen that crap even on my death bed.Ever tried Riblja Chorba or Balashevich? Salsa is good,specially if you enjoy in it,since our people like to dance...alot.

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