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Mainly a collection of ramblings and experiences being a student in Norway, and going through the transition of working full time in Bergen upon ...

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  • Grindaflehytta (another hike!)

    After an extremely rainy September (410mm or so), I think everyone in the city was itching for some sunny weather, and so far, October has delivered. ...

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  • Hiking: i nærheten av Eikedalen og Vending hytte

    Apologies for the lack of postings, getting used to this whole working thing again is draining, and let's face it, I'm pretty lazy. But now ...

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  • Canadian Desserts, Part II: Butter tarts

    So we've got treat day every Friday at work, and one person is assigned to bring in baked goods for that respective day. With the number of ...

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  • A(nother) reason to love Norway

    Post work hikes! Since the sun was shining (mostly), a friend and I went for a hike after work today. My leg is mostly healed from the previous ...

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