Catching larks

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Catching larks
Catching larks byTamsin

Twice weekly post with photograph and description of life in a small Italian town including creative ideas and inspiration

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  • The real thing

    At last I’ve found a film that shows the real Italy that I know and love. Yesterday, on the hottest day this summer, we set off to see  In ...

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  • Windows

    Spring is still feeling indecisive with days of unseasonal heat followed by rainstorms but they’re longer and we’re beginning to find ...

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  • Sharing

    Our cats have a large bowl of water outside, but they prefer ours. It tastes so much nicer in a glass, but if there are none around when thirst ...

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  • Winter projects

    I’ve been indulging my love of mirrors. Of course it now takes Jasper twice as long to lay the table for supper, as he checks his appearance in ...

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