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My life italian

I had an appetite and a dream...

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  • Anniversary, and Off to Italy!

    At this time last year, DoBianchi and I headed off to California to get married. Our first year together as husband and wife has been joyful and full ...

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  • Galluccio DOC

    Galluccio is one of those DOCs that doesn't get much attention, and doesn't do much to garner any either. According to this text, there are ...

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  • Happy Holidays from the Parzens

    Here's a slide show that my DoBianchi put together with a Christmas song** that he wrote (very creative, this guy :). In this video, there are ...

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  • Falanghina

    Pronunciation: fa-lahn-GEE-na (That's a hard "G.")This is probably the white wine that was most ubiquitous in my Ischia-Napoli world. ...

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